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tidbits: 3.14

tidbits: 3.14

Bad headache and a bit of a queasy stomach today. Posting may be sporadic.

New and very interesting QOD, courtesy of John. We are remaking Mount Rushmore today.

Because I believe that one should always spread oneself as thin as possible, you can now find me over at soul illustrations and procrastiblog, as well as bad sam:next gen.

Two sites of the day: today and the day after that and booklend. I found today through an email from wKen. What an absolutely beautiful site. The artwork is all painted by the author, who writes as well as she draws.
Booklend is formerly Mark Anderson's Lending Library. He has an enormous collection of books that he wants to share with you. I have used his services before (literally speaking), and today I borrowed Fifth Business by Robertson Davies.

Should you be in need of blogging material for today, I suggest you take Nancy's idea and run with it. She blogged her entire browsing history for one day. I'm going to try that this weekend. It will read something like: porn.comics.porn.comics.espn.porn.comics. But it will be fun, anyhow.

And just so you know, and can go about your day with a clear head, George is no longer concerned with Osama Bin Laden. Maybe he has ADD, and he just couldn't focus long enough to complete the task. He was distracted by the thoughts of aiming nukes at Iraq.

Thanks to my sister Lisa for this companion piece for yesterday's post:

Lisa is talking to a co-worker we shall call N., a 43 year old woman.

N: Lisa, y'all feelin down? Y'all need some cheering up?
L: Nah, I'm ok, just busy.
N: You sure? Cause I was feelin' down the other day and, girl, the funniest thing happened. You know how I got a big butt, right? Well, the other day I pooted! That's right! I pooted!
L:WHAT?? You what?
N:Yeah! And cuz my butt's so big, and the poot had a lot of skin to go by, it made the loudest noise! And I was at my mom's house and I was tellin her bout it. and I said "Mommy! I was feelin down but I feel so much better cause I just gave myself a Standing Ovation!"

(Lisa runs the other way at this point)

The next day, N stops by her office again.

N:Hey girl! How you today?
L: I'm ok,. just busy.
N: Aww, maybe you need a standing ovation?
N: Well, just maybe one that don't stink, ok?

True stories. They don't get better than that.


Jeez, I wish I had co-workers who would fart on demand for me. That would be cool.

Co-workers that is.

Damn I need a new job.

Interesting information on this blog, thanks