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Filler Bunny 101

Filler Bunny 101

It's a comic about a bunny. A poor, poor bunny. Cute bunny. OOOK. Filler! Bunny! Butt monkey! OOOK!

(filler bunny is the property of the genius Jhonen Vasquez & Slave Labor Graphics)


You just demystified the whole thing.

Damn. Oh well, at least I made Justin "Ook".

Well, I got 45 emails asking me what a filler bunny is.

And isn't making Justin "ook" worth all the effort in the end? It always is for me.

Someone at bunnysneezes.net doesn't like referring URLs. I got a message saying buttmonkey.jpg was "Gone" - though it is actually there just not if linked through an offsite page. Somewhere there's an administrator who's afraid of buttmonkeys - and a little high strung (or are those one and the same?).

Just go to bunnysneezes.net, then. I thought I was doing the guy a favor.

Random visitor just wanting to say that "I dreamed I killed you with a bag of ramen noodles" is the best line ever. And you rock for using it!

wanders off to seduce more people into the cult of Vasquez

I dreamed I killed you with a bag of ramen noodles....................................

filler bunny rocks!!!!!!!

Filler Bunny is da' shit!! I just kid. I loooove fillerbunny, he's the cute little pink bunny of happiness
how could you not love filler bunny??? I dont know. if anyone has ideas, please let me know!!

behold the power of Poonchy: drinker of HATE!!!! You sunk my battleship with your magic meatball of indifference. them's the shit yo yo ?!

filler bunny kicks ass im trying to find a good picture of him that i really like cause im going to get it tattod on me arm. :D