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Worth the wait

Worth the wait posted by Dave

Because she's worth it


This is a fine way to treat a control freak who is on her first day of anxiety medication. You trying to kill me?

But....it's so damn cute.

It's an itsy bitsy wittle scawy nightmare, yes'm's is...

That's a pretty cute little butt-monkey, tho, you've gotta admit.

And so like the real thing... I made sure that Justin wasn't unfairly represented in the strip.

{bait! bait! bait!}


::hugs Michele:: You just relax, hon. I'll keep 'em in line here on the blog. Umm. Yeah.


I like the butt monkey.

Who doesn't love a butt-monkey?

A butt-monkey named Justin? I like! snerk happy wiggle Come my hordes of butt-monkeys! We will take over the world!! joygasm!