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MazelTov! by Dave

Normally we're not out and about before lunchtime on a Sunday, but today we were heading out to Spitalfields market (you may have heard of it in From Hell) which we had previously been to with Jessica.

On our way along the street, home to three seperate Christian churches (regular, diet and sugar-free) a Winnebago drove past with the slogans "Insta Mitzvah for all!" plastered on all four sides (possibly on the roof as well)

Hmm, I mused to myself, a travelling van for teenage boys to celebrate their bar mitzvahs in. Cool. No, no, Pix cleared me up on that one. Its more likely a travelling passion wagon for Jewish boys to become men in! Probably a couple of nice clean jewish girls inside with tzitzit tassles glued onto their nipples, a menorah in the corner providing the candle-lit atmosphere...

And then it occured to me that... girls have Mitzvahs as well, Bat Mitzvahs. So there could be a couple of strapping young jewish guys in there, cut, obviously, wearing sequined yarmulkes and g-strings getting it on under the sheets.

I hope that winnebago had good suspension.


A mitzvah is also a good deed. It could be a wagon full of people doing randmon acts of kindness for people.

Though, what you described sounds sort of like that...

Why can't the Mitzvah Van come to MY street?

If this 'Bagos a rockin', don't come a knockin'...

Yay, Spitalfields!
Do me a favor and go to that chaat house we went to with Iain, omg that sag paneer was the fucking best. The Mitzahbago service would be so augmented by that most luscious of cheap eats.

Actually, mitzvah literally means 'commandment', not 'good-deed'. That's just the colloquial usage. Now think of it this way: Jews are not supposed to see good deeds as extra credit or anything like that, but as required duties.