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it's just me...

it's just me...

A few days ago I mentioned the that 9/11 special that CBS will be showing tonight. I pointed to a post I wrote about it previously. Nancy also wrote something about it, linking to my post.

I've been innundanted with email since. Some good, some bad, which is par for the course.

One thing needs to be clarified. The tape I saw was an unedited version of what will be shown tonight. Maybe what I saw will not be what you will see tonight. Perhaps it will be done tastefully, and they will take out some of the more graphic images and sounds.

Either way, I still question the decision to broadcast it. I do not see the purpose. I do not see the reason. What will be served by showing this, just six months after? It certainly is not going to help people get over what happened. More likely, it will just cause healing wounds to open up wide again.

Yes, I know. You don't have to watch it. Nobody is forcing anyone to sit in front of the television and stare at the screen. I just want to know why anyone thinks this is a good idea. Please, I am being honest here. Tell me. Tell me why you think this is an appropriate thing to do, to show the faces of death waiting to happen. I want to know.

It's still fresh. How fresh is it? My father went to a fireman's funeral yesterday. Six months later, there are still victims being buried. It's still new and it's still raw and it is, for some of us at least, just too soon.

I'm just saying...I was just trying to give a forewarning. It's not all this patriotic, make you appreciate life, tribute to heroes they are making it out to be. Maybe I am bring thin-skinned about it. Maybe I am the only one who doesn't want to see it. Maybe it will do more harm than good for some people, and then again, maybe it will do more good than harm for others. I am only telling you what I saw and what I felt and I sincerely hope they did a fantastic editing job on this thing and it doesn't leave you feeling as drained, hopeless and sad as it left me.


I read about the sound of bodies hitting the pavement. The edited version (my understanding of it) won't show that, but everyone will know what it is anyway.

I have to watch, because... well, I don't really know WHY, but I have to. Even though I don't want to, and the common sense portion of my brain is telling me I'd better not.

I just hope I've distanced myself far enough to handle it....

You sound as if you think big television media networks have a conscience or give a damn. It's all about ratings. They're in the commercial advertising business. If the ratings outweigh the negative publicity, and the programmes don't violate the FCC - they'll broadcast it.