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tidbits 3.10

tidbits 3.10

Stop, collaborate and listen, QOD is back with a brand new edition! I would apologize for quoting Vanilla Ice, but the theme of this week's QOD is "Guilty Pleasures" so I won't. Go on over there and 'fess up.

I'm thinking we should change the name of our country. United States of America just doesn't get the picture across anymore. We need something that speaks of of the power, the might, the huge balls of our government. Like...umm.....The United States of Arrogant Bastards? Yea, that has a nice ring to it. Anyhow, we know what the real axis of evil is.

Maybe we could just have all the leaders sit down for a nice game of Painstation. Winner takes all.

Does anyone mind if I spork this person to death?

Fact about me you didn't want to know (#45 in a series): If there were an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for "most times peeing in one day" I would be the undisputed champ.

Site of the day: artcoup. Proof that photography is storytelling without the words.



As I join you on the couch today, I must suggest that the new name for the USA should just be Bubba, and the rest of the world is just it's jailhouse bitch. Bend over world, cause Bubba's got a hard-on.