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would you name your band fantabulosa?

would you name your band fantabulosa?

Natalie is in a band. She is 12 years old and in a punk band, even though she doesn't know what punk is and assumes that Less Than Jake is somehow punky. She plays the drums, and her extent of drumming experience comes from the school band, where she has played variations on Sousa themes for a few years.

They have a guitar player, who has never played guitar before, and I assured Natalie that this really doesn't matter in a punk band. I gave her a few Ramones cds to bring to band practice and told her they should listen to them, learn the four chords they hear, and they will never need to know anything else. She came home and asked me for a leather jacket and if she could change her name to Dee Dee.

So she called me today from another session of band practice, which seems to consists mostly of bickering, arguing and drumstick throwing, all necessary quotients to the road to rock and roll stardom. Soon they will progress to throwing television sets out the windows of hotel rooms.

She says they need a name for their band and her friends insist that I am the appropriate person to ask. Because why? Because we have a lot of cds. That only qualifies me to know existing band names, I tell her. She begs for some assistance. I am on the computer at the moment, staring at my weblog. I look at my links list.

"What? What the hell is a spacecheese?" She has taken to saying what the hell now and I asked her if she thinks that sounds nice coming out of her mouth.
"Homer says it all the time," she says.
"Homer drinks beer for breakfast, I tell her. "Homer sleeps in church and chews with his mouth open."
"Well you say what the hell all the time. "
"I am your mother, not your role model."

So we go through more band name suggestions/weblogs.
Billybunny? No. The Gigglechicks? Fantabulosa? No. No. I run down the list. I skip over Jockohomo and Bobupndown and Six Different Ways. Swank and Sore Eyes and Mighty Geek are vetoed. She pauses at Digital Nap and asks around and I hear a collective "No!" coming from the rest of the band. I exhaust my list and I realize that weblog titles do not make good band names. Plus, I would have to end up paying royalties to one of you through your paypal account and I don't really want to be bothered with that. I hang up, leaving her frustrated and a bit bewildered at my band name choices.

She calls me an hour later. They have found a name. I brace myself for something offensive or vulgar or just inane enough to cause me to stifle a laugh.

"Drop Shadows." She says.
Drop Shadows...drop shadows....drop....Oh. I get it. They use drop shadow a lot when making posters in schools. Come on, you know...drop shadow!

I do a "mmhmm, that's a fine name, Natalie," which is my way of saying no comment without having to say no comment. She knows this.
"God, mom! Did you really want us to name a band spacecheese? Where the hell do you get these things from anyhow? Geeeeez." She hangs up on me. I am doomed to a whole summer of hearing about Drop Shadow, the band.

She didn't even let me get to Twistypants.


My old roommate (whose name was coincidently Michelle) and I used to come up with names for our mythical band all the time.

Our top three names were:

Rubber Armpits
Mr. Humphries

Run For It Marty

steals the name Run For It Marty

That is genius.

Michelle, to answer your title, yes.. yes I would. :) Thanks for suggesting my domainsake as a band name. I don't have a paypal account though, so infringe away! PS: I added asmallvictory.net to my bloglinks today too.

I still point out when I think something would make a good band name. I think "Gloomy Skulls of Death" was the last one. Goth, obviously.

And Spacecheese is a great band name. I think pretty much all of those are. We're all rockstars! :-P

I thought of your blog name, Natalie. But then I thought that "Luminescent" would be more of a drag-queen lounge singer sort of name.

Now I am going to start a band just so I can name it Fantabulosa! Exclamation point and all.

I kinda like Drop Shadows. Now you can start them on The Misfits and Sex Pistols - and don't forget The Muffs and The Buzzcocks. Heh, it would be kind of fun giving a kid a punk rock education (and of course she'll have to start taking in some Ska and Rockabilly, as well. Perhaps the advanced courses next semester.)

I'm going to be in three punk bands. They will be called The Eleanor Roosevelt Experience, The Pat Benetar Experience, and Tori Amos 2. Possibly not in that order.

OMIGOD, classic. I remember I was 12 and in a band, however, it was just me blaring my clarinet and my cat screeching :)

I always wanted to be in the Smiling Anchovies. College was cool.

I was in a punk band for awhile, we went through 2 names, Aural Sex, and Ladybird Johnson Ate My Cat. what can I say, we were young, dumb, and full of drugs.....

Michele - I think that Luminescent sounds more like a fluffy-girl-litesoul kind of band name. But I like your idea better.

A couple of my university friends had a bunch of names for their band. Unfortunately, I can't remember any of them, but I do remember that they recorded a tape and called it "Home for the Ham".

i was a band geek once. a few of the other band geeks asked me to join up with them, since i was the only bass player in all of Wasatch County. it was the late 80's, early 90's, when the world was finally letting go of the Hammer pants and Madonna had decided she was British or something. so one day we're doing the "band practice" thing--bickering, arguing over who's the lead singer, throwing drum sticks, etc, when Scott suddenly lays it on us: dude, we need a band name.

we all went home much like young Natalie and sifted through the minds of anyone cool. (i asked my Mom's younger sister, Aunt Katie, who was the coolest person on the planet in my mind. she had lived in Manhattan as a nanny, once. ooooh...) couldn't think of anything. at our next session of band practice, Scott anounces he has found the perfect name. ok, let's hear it, we say. here he pauses for dramatic effect, nearly bursting with his own smugness.

Cap'n Crunch...and the Crunchy Bunch! isn't that the coolest name ever?

seriously, a hush fell across the earth. we looked at one another, shaking our heads side to side. poor Scott. he would never recover from his own lameness. i think that was the "practice session" in which our band split over "creative differences".

it coulda been worse, they could've called themselves arial and the 12 points...

if they need their first ep reviewed, you know who to call

We wanted to be "Decay Underfoot," but we never got it together musically. We published two issues of a 'zine under the name, though.

run for it marty is most excellent. what a great band name.

i like spacecheese, as well.

or ...
how about sack of hammers?

I really like Drop Shadows, there's a certain ring to it.
This all reminds me of the first band I was in 'The Non-Existant Puppies'. We were punk in the worst possible way... couldn't sing, couldn't play, couldn't keep time... awesomely terrible. After a few months, the various members went their own ways, renouncing the rock and roll lifestyle to go and lead normal lives. Well, all but one. I went solo, in a sense, actually learning to play, and progressing through various styles and levels of ability, untill now, making techno music and selling the CD on the web.
Sometimes, following a dream, even if it doesn't make you famous or successful can be more satisfying than... I dunno... I don't have a normal life to compare it to :-)

I like Run For It Marty. But I envision that as more of a Ben Folds Five than a punk band.

In high school my best friend and I were going to start an homage band and call it Fuck Right Off. Neither of us played instruments. He was into George Michael and Boy George and wore "boytoy" belt buckles over his black satin pants. I was into Crowded House and Sting and had a blonde poodle perm and could match my pose and expression disturbingly to the Kylie Minogue/Locomotion standee in the HMV window after a few pints.

Shut up. We didn't all get to be cool and disaffected in high school. :D

Punk After Puberty.

I never made it past the band ho stage -- but the popular one to follow around in high school was Tequila Sunrise. We felt soooo "bad" with a hard liquor in the title. Sigh.

You can't have "Evil Petting Zoo." That's mine.

> where she has played variations on Sousa themes
> for a few years.

Nothing is punker than Sousa.

How about calling them Marching Banned? Or Banned Practice? They could dress as majorettes and twirlers or hang xylophones and big drums around their necks.

I was in a bad we had much trouble finding a name. The first name came from a late night drunkfest with the buddies as everyu one is sleeping. I yell to the (formor) drummer and yell "I got it the Skull Fucker". What can I say I was drunk and going for shock value (We had not taltent we needed something). The drummer liked it so the Skull Fuckers can into being until the drummer was give the boot and the Skull Fucker became The Crunchy Bunch. After about 6 months as the The Crunchy Bunch we realized our drummer was so creepy he desevered some credit so we became "Captian Creepy and the Crunchy Bunch" with in a month he got the boot to so we where nameless. In a short period we went from the Poo Butts, to the Christ Puncher and then back to just the plain old fashioned Crunchy Bunch.
And to the ass who said Captain Crunch and the Crunchy Bunch was a dumb name, Fuck you it sounds kind of funny..