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fly the friendly skies

Fly the friendly skies

There was a hostage situation at a Staples here this week, and that in and of itself was no big deal. Your basic robbery gone awry.

However. Two of the would-be robbers are security guards at Kennedy Airport.

I'll leave the commentary up to you.


I definitely think I'll be driving if I travel in the foreseeable future.....

Staples is like an all round store is it? Like Target or Walmart?

It's like an Office Depot or OfficeMax, if you have those up there. A big office supply/computer accessory store. These guys must have been complete idiots, because not only is this a relatively small Staples, but there is just not going to be a lot of money in a store like this on a weeknight. That's not even taking into consideration that it was an inside job, and they knew there would be 17 employees scattered throughout the store, and only 3 of them going in. Not exactly bright lights.

If it's anything like the Staples here it sounds like dim lights holding up dim lights. I've never seen a more alienated disinterested comprehend-things-like-having-been-shaken-awake-from-a-deep-sleep set of employees than those who work at Staples. I know you don't have to be a brain surgeon to work at Staples, but being able to articulate "yes" or "no" in response to a question helps.

So I guess hostage negotiations probably fell through when they threatened to start shooting people with rubber band paper clip guns?

Just so long as they don't sue Kennedy for wrongful termination.

Obviously they didn't put out orange traffic cones or this would never have happened.

Obviously the terrorists have won here.

We just had one at Burger King.

These guys musta have been soooo stooopid.I just asked my daughter,who is 5 in a month,"if u needed money but u had to steal it from somewhere,where would u steal it from,A bank or Officeworks(a store kinda like staples)" annnnnd she answered "A bank mummy!"
5 year olds are more the wiser than the crooks these days!

i knew it! all of the security guards at newark airport security. looked like terrorists to me. tampa airport went in more for the drug smuggler-type.

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