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tidbits 3.08

tidbits 3.08

Hey, look who's in the news! Yep. It's that wacky, fun loving gal who brought a dog to a funeral! And now she's a rich wacky gal. And I'm thinking that maybe I should have befriended her after all. 88 million dollars could sure go a long way towards making me feel forgiving about her being a complete jackass.

I don't know what to make of this song. That's some hokey lyrics there, fella. So do you think this is hearfelt music or is Mr. Jackson just aiming to have the anthem for September 11th? It's a cigarette lighter song in the making. Hmm.... what's that sound? Is that the sound of patriotism? Pride? Overwhelming grief...oh...it's the sound of cash registers ringing!

And speaking of September 11th and cashing in, I am going to implore you once again to not watch CBS's grab at ratings this Sunday. My reasons have already been stated. Just wanted to remind you.

New in the sidebar: twistypants, redcricket and benway. Aortal pick o' the day: pirated sites.

I am hereby opening up the QOD to the general public. That means you, silly. For the next two weeks, reader requested questions only. I'm tired of thinking. Please leave suggestions in the comments below or email me. If your question is used, you will receive fame, fortune and wild monkey sex.

Sign of the impending apocalypse: Winger, Poison and Cinderella are all touring again. What, no Night Ranger?



2002.05.26 - Washington, PA - Washington Rib & Wing Fest

I guess "Sister Christian" just wasn't enough to live off of.

bring out the hair spray hon - i'm coming to town

Alan Jackson said that God wrote that song through him...wouldn't let him sleep until he did. So now, we have God and patriotism...how very quaint. How very sickening.

In related new, Kiel, Dokken and Accept will be touring State fairs throughout the U.S.

Can't leave out the rumored Skid Row, Vince Neil, Tesla and Jackyl tour. I kid you not!

No Comment =)

Come one, Lisa. Tell everyone that you are going to every one of these shows. You and G can share the hair spray.

I may visit one or two of those shows. Some habits die hard. You should know. Look how long it took you to stop following the Dead... heehee....

Stop making fun of me or I'm telling mommy!

Everybody break out the Kleenex... waaaa waaaa. You are in such denial.

Do not make me start telling stories about you. cough bionicwomanfanclub cough

You were just jealous because I got a bitchin Club ID Card AND a Sticker for my bedroom door. Did you hear? Jamie Sommers is opening for Faster Pussycat this summer. She's gonna hurl watermelons at bad guys. I'm am so there!

Okay, am I living in a bad joke, and just don't know it? I've seen Dokken, Tesla, and Faster Pussycat all live in the last couple of months (or at least some version of them containing one or more original band member(s)).
Will Tawny Kitaen be dancing on the Winger tour.

Ken, meet my sister Lisa. Form a support group together, ok?

Night Ranger and Dokken seem to have the permanent Friday night slot at the one club in Concord (think enormous white trash suburb of S.F.).

Um...someone fix my eighties hairband knowledge...

didn't Tawny Kitaen dance for Whitesnake, not Winger?

Sometimes it tears me just like a knife...

There's a near here that always has a stellar line-up. It's one of those schedules that you look at just to see how close to old you really are: "did I ever like those guys? oh crap, I must be old."

Here's the upcoming schedule:
Poison/Cinderella/Winger (of course)
REO Speedwagon (no, really)
Huey Lewis
Meat Loaf
Styx (!)
B-52s (say it ain't so)
Lynyrd Skynyrd

Oh and George Thorogood, Merle Haggard, and Loretta Lynn and some collection of folks calling themselves Creedence Clearwater Revisited.

Kill me if/when Bad Brains or MDC play there.

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