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oscar! oscar!

high-brow film making at its finest

it's ok to be intrigued by this, right?


That has to be the weirdest big-name-movie site ever. And now I have Don Henley Must Die stuck in my head.

And to see Robin Williams involved, can it really be real?

I take it you didn't see Patch Adams.

Robin Williams & Edward Norton?!!! now I'm truly intrigued....

This movie is going to be AMAZING. I've been following it for like a year. Edward Norton, Robin Williams, Danny Devito, Catherine Keener (BEING JOHN MALKOVICH), and Jon Stewart. Together. My God. Plus, stuffed animal mayhem. I approve. (Actually, it's either going to be AMAZING or a car-crash for the ages. I pray for the former.)

Maybe somebody let Robin Williams start doing heroin again. It might explain the comedy potential...

I was just checking out the site for this movie last night, and I have to say I'm pretty intrigued as well. The site's well done, too - I love how the Smoochy side looks like a genuine kids' site at first. Looks like it may well be twisted; I hope so - it would be nice to see Robin Williams get back to being funny again.

I went to the movies tonight and saw a preview for it and it looks hysterical! Can't wait to see it!

They already have billboards and ads for it here in L.A. I'm psyched to see it, looks grrrrrrrreat!

Wow... a Warner Bros promtional site that uses the word "whore". And "Nazi".
Yeah, I gotta see it.

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