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good nutrition for growing kids

good nutrition for growing kids

What I said as means of an explanation for my actions:

When one is confronted with an overabundance of choices (see this morning's post) and when said choices completely overwhelm you to the point of blanking out, you usually end up making the most absurd choice possible, often guided by the impulsive side of your conscience.

What I meant:

I made Rice Krispy Treats for dinner tonight.


So??? One of the pleasures of living alone is to be able to have a Healthy Choice dinner for breakfast and cereal for supper--and not get strange looks from anybody.

With Fruity Marshmallow Krispies?

i'll be right over.

yummy..nutrituous & delicious....damn, now I'm gonna have to make some...

Didn't we already tell you that you're the coolest mom ever? Well, let us all reiterate: You are the coolest mom ever.

cereal is good healty food. part of this nutritious breakfast, lunch or dinner. marshmallows just make it fun!

Can you FedEx some my way?

Not only did I make the Rice Krispy treats, and not only did we eat every last drop, but there was a Spiderman water squirter free inside the Rice Krispy box. Life just does not get any better than that.

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