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tidbits 3.04.02

tidbits 3.04.02

Drive through version of tidbits today:

Anathea is sending me a real chocolate jesus. Homemade. Bless you, child.

The response to my request for someone to help me with the banned book site was overwhelming. I will get back to all of you today. Thank you a million times over.

QOD, misheard lyrics, running all week.
Aortal pick: coolStop.
New to particpate section: pepys project
New to the sidebar: netdork, wKenShow and derelict.

Thank you, drive around to window 2 please.


michele, you seem to have a jesus fetish. have you seen the jesus action figure?

I never thought of it as a fetish. That sounds so...wrong.

I have seen the jesus action figures, but I have a Buddy Christ and I won't bring any other Jesii in the house or BC would get jealous.

i didn't mean that kind of fetish! oy! :) what's a buddy christ? is it anything like my buddy? great, now i'll be singing that f-ing dirge all day: "my buddy and me, we can climb up a tree, my buddy and me, we're the best friends that could beeeeee!"

WooHoo! I'm famous. Now to come up with some content.
Oh, and not to sound picky, but it's one word...wKenShow, and the BlogSpot address is disappearing (if I can get the damn thing transferred to my new host). Correct address is wkenshow.com.
I can now die happy.
Oh, and I knew a woman that had a vibrating jesus that she called her jesus buddy (when she wasn't screaming "Yes Jesus! That's it").

"Jesus Buddy"? Whew, something even more disturbing than a Hello Kitty vibrator!

A jesus buddy. I need to find a hobby. Obviously I have too much free time.