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tidbits 3.03

tidbits 3.03

We watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch last night. I thought it was a stunning movie. It was, all at once, sad, lonely and empty, yet hopeful and uplifting. It was also incredibly thought provoking. We spent almost the rest of the night talking about love and soulmates and if a person truly has another half and if they do, can they live without every finding that other half. Can one be truly whole without their soulmate? No answers, just a lot of pondering. The movie reminded me in many ways of Tommy, with the music and the plot that played out like a surreal landscape. I truly enjoyed Hedwig, enough to put in my "to buy" column, but before I buy could somebody please explain the last fifteen minutes to me? I felt like I went to the bathroom and missed that one sentence that would clarify the whole thing for me.

I'm going to need a chart soon to keep up with the blogs on my sidebar who have either dropped off the face of the earth or gone on hiatus. I'll add two to the chart today.

If anyone out there would like to help me with the banned books project, (i.e., redesigning/coding the whole damn thing) I would be eternally grateful, the banned books would be eternally grateful, librarians everywhere would be eternally grateful and ummm.....I'd pay you. In books. Banned books. Email me. Please?

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Your moment of internet zen.


internet zen maybe, but you try getting the guy to suck his own ass....fucking impossible...

Here is what I think about the end of Hedwig:

Hedwig embraced his feminine side more than was healthy for him to get to the US. And stayed that way, identifying as a female pretty much after that. The end of the movie was being able to take back his male side by taking back that song from the kid. And he gave away the neccesity for him to be the femme by giving his boyfriend/girlfriend the wig and letting her be the girl. Then he stood in front of this crowd and was appreciated for the man he was. He walks down the alleyway naked so they can show that the tattoo on his hip has changed from a half to a whole due to Hedwig reclaiming his masculinity and becoming whole.

And that was my take. Please argue with me.

there's a line in the reprise of "Wicked Little Town" which explains what i think is happening:
And there's no mystical design,
No cosmic lover preassigned,
There's nothing you can find
that can not be found.
i.e., you don't need someone else to make you "whole", which is the ultimate lesson Hedwig learns from his/her whole experience. (so yes, Peanut Gallery, you're right, kinda ;-)

it's intentionally ambiguous, though i think it's a little less confusing in the stage version than in the film.

make sure you get the DVD at some point - it includes some really great scenes which were edited from the final version of the film (including one showing Hedwig and Yitzak's first meeting, which clarifies the dynamic of their relationship and which should have been left in the final version, IMHO.)