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tidbits 3.02

tidbits 3.02

I finally slept last night. From about 12 until 4 without waking up, which is a genuine good night's sleep for me. I may actually be coherent today.

Finally, a new QOD today. Misheard lyrics, because I needed a cheap, easy laugh.

I'm doing something new on the weekends. Instead of the weblog hall of infamy I have on the sidebar during the week, where I highlight a site in my links list, I will have an Aortal pick instead, because I have been sorely slacking in my aortal duties. This week's pick is a site that was once in my links list and must have fallen off the moving truck during the many transistions of this site. Jimformation is the pick, and I'm sure many of you have been to his site already. I don't know what's more stunning -his poetic use of language or his photography. Spend some time poking around there, ok?

And welcome Fluggart to the links list, please.

Shel and I are still looking for authors for Procrastiblog. We have 4 or 5 lined up already, but would like at least one more. We're looking to go live next week, so if you want to share your knowledge of all the fun and time wasting sites on the internet, contact Shel.

If I may brag for a moment, I am number one on Yahoo search for humongous black tits. Unfortunately there are no of those to be found here. And....drumroll please......I have finally taken a giant step in my quest for world domination: I am number one on Google for michele! Thank you, thank you.

Some words of advice for today: don't smuggle sperm, beware of trojan horses in the form of aromatherapy, and when all else fails, save your own ass.

Anyone who wants to financially capitalize on a horrible crime should meet the same fate someday. And if you came here, as so many people have, looking for the Daniel Pearl video, here you go, fuckwad. (link courtesy of interesting monstah).

Now, go make me laugh.


DAMN. I'm still #2 for Christine on Google, and even sadder is the fact that I am #2 for my full name. I had no idea that there was another me out there. Selleck is not that common of a last name.

With those cheesy T-shirts and fields of corpses - I wonder why they call it "Noble" Georgia.

You're sweeping both #1 and #2 right now! Rock on.

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