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tidbits 3.01

tidbits 3.01

Happy Birthday to Nancy! Nancy is like the sister I never had. Wait....I have two sisters....Ok, she's like the lesbian sister I never had. Seriously, she is one of the most amazing people I ever had the pleasure of crossing paths with. Please, go wish her a happy birthday and tell her, she's not 40, she's just twice as fun as 20! And after you wish her a happy birthday, read what Choire has to say about her and then follow his instructions.

There's something odd in the air. I felt it first the day before yesterday, an almost imperceptable shift in the wind, a different smell to the air. Like someone just upped the voltage on the amplifier of life. It was in the way people were driving, the bizarre news items that kept turning up, the giddiness coming from people who are normally stoic and presumed to have no personality. It was a bit frightening. Is it me or did anyone else notice this?

I don't know what to make of the fact that three of the cops who were convicted of participating in the beating and torture ofAbner Louima have had their verdicts overturned. It still floors me how techinicalities can allow people who are obviously guilty of something go free. Being a police officer does not mean you can abuse the power given to you. I hope these men never have a peaceful night's sleep in their life again. And I hope that someday our justice system is overhauled so it protects the victims of crime as much as it protects the perpetrators of crime. There are those who believe that Justin Volpe, the worst offender in this crime, was telling the truth when he said that Schwarz, one of the men whose verdict is being overturned, was not in the bathroom with him when Volpe brutally tortured Louima. Now Volpe's attorney thinks that if the verdicts are overturned, that means Volpe was telling the truth to the jury and his sentence should be reduced for that. What the fuck? All that means to me is that there was someone in the bathroom with him and he's still not telling who it was. Which means if it wasn't Schwarz, there is some bastard sadistic police officer walking around whistling Dixie while someone else is doing his time. Either way, the whole thing sucks. Our whole legal system is out of order.

Ok, that was just going to be a one line blurb there. Sorry.

Anyhow, in today's Hall of Infamy, we have Glace, the girl formerly known as glaciergrrl but who is now apropos of nothing.



I think you're right --existence feels charged up a bit extra right now. Can't put my finger on it. Don't know whether to be hopeful or frightened, but can no longer stay my usual apathetic.

I'm loving it.

The Appeals court did not overturn the conviction of the officer (Volpe) that tortured Abner Louima.
It did require a new trial for the officer(Schwarz) convicted of holding Louima down in the bathroom while he was raped with a broomstick. Schwarz's conviction was based on the testimony of a rookie officer who claimed to see Schwarz take Louima into the restroom where he was attacked.

Volpe, who pled guilty to the attack, and is serving a 30 year sentence, said that it was actually officer Wiese that assisted him. Schwarz and Wiese look similar, and the rookie only saw the officer briefly from behind. There was no other evidence to link Schwarz to the crime.

Schwarz has maintained he is innocent, and many believe that he was railroaded for political expediency.

The jury was not allowed to hear that Volpe said Wiese, and not Schwarz, was his accomplice. It seems reasonable to believe that Schwarz may well have served 2 years now on a 15 year sentence for something he didn't do. A new trial to insure justice is done does not seem too much to ask, considering the conflict of interest of Schwarz's counsel, and the jury improprieties.

Our justice system isn't perfect, but the Appeals court making a decision based on the law, rather than political and public pressure makes me more confident in it, rather than less. Justice determined by popular opinion, rather than the rules of law, often led to lynchings in the past. I prefer the modern court system, with all it's faults, to that old form of 'justice'.

Love your writing, though. Keep up the good work.

Ken, there is a part of me that does believe that Schwarz was railroaded. But that still leaves someone in the bathroom with Volpe. If it was Weise, that means that Weise has been free this whole time while Schwarz has been sitting in jail for his crime.

I just don't understand how a person like that could live with himself.

I don't understand either. And I hope I never can.