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FOX: the new lows keep getting lower

FOX: the new lows keep getting lower

Tonya Harding. Amy Fisher. Fox tv. Boxing.

There's really nothing else to say, is there?


damn i love fox. the glutton bowl AND this in one year? yessss.

Now just imagine if they combined all these shows into one big fantastic show? First you chow down, glutton-style, and duke it out for a few rounds, and then the winner gets to marry a millionaire! Wait! Then after getting drunk celebrating your marriage, you lead "COPS" on a car chase that ends up being a new Guinness World Record. But, instead of punishing you by placing you in jail, you're placed in "The Chamber" to rot. (Sorry, no coffee yet this morning.)

I vote Fox be renamed Redneck O'Rama and only be accessible through bent rabbit ears on top of a 16 in. Magnavox inside trailers with broken porch railings and screen doors that won't close properly.

And the signal only comes in clear when the viewer is holding a crack pipe.

Take another drag, Earl, I can't see Darva.

Oh, she turned sideways.

I'm so glad they've cancelled Futurama to make room for quality tv like this....


I only watch Fox for the national news.

Ten bucks on Tonya, nothing against your local girl, Michele. Also? Danny Bonaduce.

damn, I should get a job as a Fox programmer. even I can come up with repulsive crap like that. let's see, I know what I won't be watching on the 13th...

Didn't Donny Osmond kick Danny Bonaduce's ass a few years ago?

I am sick and tired of fox news claiming to being FAIR AND BALANCED REPORTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing could further from the truth. Fox has been bias for years supporting the right wing point of view. GET REAL AND BE HONEST!!!!!!!! Please do not pretend to being an apple when you are a lemon. Your are a right wing news channel, so own up to it.