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no sleep til...whenever

no sleep til...whenever

Today's personal mental forecast: A shitload of apathy with scattered fuck yous. Possibly a break in the grey, dull cloud lining this afternoon, which will last as long as the paycheck goes from hand to bank. Clouds will resume after that; big dark clouds that will hover over your head like your own personal shitstorm. Look for scattered areas of opposing weather fronts trying to make your clouds go away. Strike them down with lightning.

Horoscope says: Let your emotions play with your imagination today, and feel free to discuss your findings openly with others. Don't get caught up in such a strictly rational frame of mind that you refuse to acknowledge any other way of viewing the current situation. Put away your analytical side in order to disclose a more abstract and intuitive perspective. Exercise that part of your brain that doesn't normally get used.

I say: Kiss my ass, you dumb random nonsense generator. Feel free to discuss your findings openly with others. As if I ever had a problem with this before.

Let's count the hours of sleep I had last night. Ready? Put out your hand. Now put up one finger...that one is fine....now put it down. Make a fist. How many fingers to do you have up now? If none is your answer then you are correct! I slept just under an hour, approximately 40 minutes and in that time managed to have a nightmare of humungous porportions. The rest of the night was spent staring through the slats in the blinds, watching a dying streetlight flicker and come back to life periodically. Once in a while, just for fun, I would pinch Justin when he started snoring.

So I finally get out of bed, do a little laundry and then realize that today is the last day of February. This means that tomorrow is Nancy's birthday. Nancy will be 40 and I will be following in her footsteps shortly.

Yesterday I was feeling all snarky and sexy and ageless, what with my new found tits and all. 24 hours later I am feeling listless, bloated, blotchy and old. I'm hoping it's just the lack of sleep and not a long-lasting phase. I hate phases like this. I hate funks. What I need is for winter to be over and abundant sunshine and warm spring air to be flowing around me. Ok, so I also need a large sum of money and 6 week vacation by myself, but I'm trying to be realistic.

Fuck, it's 6am already. I forgot to turn on AIM this morning and I didn't have Mig to remind me that it was time to get in the shower. Make of that what you will.

This disjointed, rambling, incoherent post has been brought to you by Insomnia - Killing brain cells everywhere since the beginning of time.


If it's any consolation, today's the last day of meteorlogical winter... not that it really means shit to me, since here in DC we've gotten some of our worst snows in March.

Dude, Welcome to insomniaville. I haven't slept a solid eight hours for at least a year now. Last night I got about 4 hours of lying in bed staring at my vcr and trying to think of some reason for it to emit more light than a halogen lightbulb. Then I slept for about an hour before waking up and wanting to jump off a tall building.

(PS) I agree with the random nonsense generation factor of horoscopes.

Girl, that is just unhealthy! You're insured, right? Get on the phone to your doctor toot sweet...

after many years of experimentation, i have found that one's level of self-perceived sexiness is directly proportional to three things:

1. sleep
2. sex
3. weight

the corresponding solutions are:

1. tranquilizers
2. vibrators & viagra (not necessarily used together!)
3. disposing of your scale in an insane rage, preferably with the aid of a firearm.

at least, this is what works for me. :)

portia, i think i love you.

don't worry michele, it's mutual. :)

Wow, there's someone out there who has an even worse time sleeping than me?

Insomnia sucks. You just lay there trying to pretend you might possibly be able to cut the chatter enough to relax and fall asleep, meanwhile watching those little red glowing numbers announce hour after hour passing, and knowing you're gonna be grouchy as hell with your kid in the morning.

Thinking about all kinds of pleasant stuff like your ex's latest whiney, pissy email and his complete refusal to pay a dime in child support, or the debt piling up, or the dentistry you've been avoiding...yeah, I'll sleep well tonight!

I usually end up sketching fierce warrior women or journaling. Or, calling Daniel Talsky of the tinyblog at his night job so he can sing me dharma chants-that's always an effective mood lifter.
Hang in there, spring is almost upon us.

Hmmm..there were quite a few times I thought of Daniel while I was laying in bed.....



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