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tidbits 2.28

tidbits 2.28

Shitty day around here yesterday. Bill got laid off, Dooce lost her job because of her weblog and Elise packed up her shit and moved, leaving no forwarding address.

I brought up Dooce's situation at work and was reminded by someone there that our employment contract specifically states that we will not talk about any aspect of our job to any form of media. He said that should a situation like Dooce's arise, a blog would be considered a form of media. However, I don't think I would ever stop writing about Mr. Coffee man or the cookie bunch because I don't think that's what they had in mind by that contract stipulation.

I'd like to give a big welcome to everyone who came here looking for Tyson chicken meatballs and Sarah Hughes booger! But if you are the one looking for Donald Rumsfeld witty humor, you're better off looking under urban legends.

Over in the hall of infamy today is Bob the Corgi. Not only a great blog, but she's got a super plog as well.



I try to be very careful about work-related blogging. I don't go much past the stupidity of the patrons. I never mention my co-workers or company, by name or otherwise. I'm wondering now if that's good enough. yikes.

Yes, so what the hell happened with Elise anyway? People I like are not allowed to just disappear. Jeez. Read the rule book people...

A was shocked about dooce as well. Her bosses sound like complete wimps who were not behind her in any way. She wrote non-specifically about small things of no consequence to the company. Next job application question: How are your Satire skills?

I heard that people who work for Oprah sign a contract forbidding them to write about Oprah - for life! I couldn't believe that either.

The UC (Univ. of CA) system makes you sign two things before you can work there, even as a work-study student pouring coffee in a campus cafe:

1- Anything you invent during your tenure at UC becomes the property of UC, whether or not you used company resources. You work here, therefore, we own you and your personal time.

2- An oath of allegiance to the state of California.

BtC in the hall of infamy--richly deserved! And when I worked for the state of California and was asked to take the loyalty oath I did it, but I figured that later, if revolution was necessary, I would just say that I wasn't in my right mind when I took the oath. Which would have been true, as I'm never in my right mind really.

I really have no idea what was on the papers that I signed. I work for the State of New York so for all I know, I owe Pataki my next child.

Phineas says

People I like are not allowed to just disappear.

Phineas likes people?!

I can feel the axis of evil shifting right now.....

No, that's just me. Sorry, shouldn't have eaten the burrito.

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