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I'm crushing your head!

So I was driving home from work and I pull up next to a van. I am amazed to see that the wording on the side of the van says "Public Enemy" in bold red letters, about 3 feet high. So I'm just about to roll down my window and yell out "Bring the Noise!" when I realized the sign actually said "Public Energy." Damn. I thought I was gonna meet Chuck D.

So we have Natalie's spring concert tonight. It's not gonna be like past years, where they did songs like Gangsta's Paradise and the theme from Cheers. Nope, tonight it's all God Bless America and America the Beautiful and rah rah sis boom bah. Either way, my daughter will be the finest snare drummer/cymbal crasher in the world.

You doubting me?


I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who looked at that photo and thought that.

I saw your comment on Jima's site after I posted this and immediately thought "Phineas is going to think I ripped him off!"

Nono. Just an incidence of great minds and all that... But if yr feeling guilty I can tell you where to send the royalty check...

Gangsta's Paradise? Really? We did the Theme from Rocky and Hey Jude, so I guess it's just a matter of operator era. ...

Phineas, you can pick up your royalty check when you take that vacation to Trenton I've awarded you.

I think they did Gangsta's Paradise because it was a movie theme that year. Damn if I can remember what movie, though.

When I was in the drum corps in college, we did the themes from Mission: Impossible, Jurassic Park, and the Star Wars Saga. Ah yes... how I remember it well.

I also remember sitting in the back of the rehersal space waiting for our turn to practice with the rest of the group. Many a term paper was completed in that corner.

Drummer chicks rule.

All y'all, stop stealing my thoughts!

That reminds me of those satellite radio commercials. If ONLY Snoop Dog would drop through the roof on command like that!

hilarious... public enemy now has vans moving across the country... :)

When I lived in the Bronx I used to see Flava Flav all the time. I was always kind of scared to go up an talk to him though. He was always kinda twitchin'.

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