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cleavage therapy

cleavage therapy

There's this thing about exercising daily or nightly. Even if you can't see the weight melting off or the inches dropping, it makes you feel good. It gives you a sense of power and might usually reserved for invisible deities.

If you don't feel good about yourself, physically at least, you tend to wear clothes that reflect that. Baggy sweatshirts, baggy pants, the whole sloppy look. You may walk with your head down or stand with your arms crossed in front of you, reflecting the fact that you don't like the way you are looking at the moment.

But when you work those abs, all that changes. After a week on the abslide and doing various attempts at weight lifting and knee-damaging exercise, I looked in the mirror and realized...I have tits. Not only do I have tits, but I have cleavage.

Now, keep in mind that I wasn't fat before I started exercising. I just felt out of shape, not toned right. Ok, I could stand to lose a few pounds, especially noted when someone mistook me for J.Lo from behind. But I was always wearing loose shirts and baggy jeans because I wasn't comfortable in anything else.

Armed with my new found glory, I dug through my closet for the clothes I used to wear when I was a sexy bitch. Well, when I pretended I was a sexy bitch. I found a nice low cut black knit shirt. My black pants that are made out of some material that clings to my skin yet flows at the same time. A nice dainty black sweater to top it off.

I went to work in this outfit yesterday. I didn't walk with my head down or my arms in front of me. I stood tall (as tall as a short person can stand) and walked, even sauntered down the hallways of my office building. I may have even pulled a Shakira and started shaking my ass at some point. And I showed off my tits. Yep, I did. And it paid off.

Fuck the feminists. Every once in a while, it sure feels good to be objectified. Stroke my ego, baby.


Don't worry. Feminists these days are empowered to refer to themselves as a sexy bitch in a black dress. Choosing objectification is different than having it be the default state.

Either way, I'll just say that I have always loved the sight of a sexy bitch in a black dress whose proud of her tits. Thanks for making the world a more beautiful place.

That's it. I'm buying an abslide.

you go girl!

Congrats! Hold your head up high and strut freely!

oh oops, my fault..I thought that comment said "slut freely"...a little confused you see. But yes, go girl and all that other stuff!

Just say "yes" to chest crack. Oooohhweee!

She who has the boobs, has the power. Long live cleavage!

Woops! "I found a nice low cut black knit shirt." I mistook shirt for skirt. Sorry about that. Clingy black pants are just as dazzling.

Men may control the world, but women control the boobs

Another PVP reader, I see... too bad he canned that line before I could snag a shirt.
I have the "Ale and whores" mug and the t-shirt... I love wearing them when we're expecting important visitors at work.

Another advantage to tits - if they’re looking at the boobs, they’re not noticing the waistline that you’re still not thrilled with. At least, I’ve noticed this. And damn, am getting an abslider!

Again I will perform the voice of reason and sanity here - just remember what meatlaof looked like with tits.

Yesh, G, but those were man-tits. Yuck. Entirely different.

"Fuck the feminists". That's funny.

What? You wouldn't fuck a feminist?

don't think i wasn't staring at your cleavage last weekend. i don't know if what you were wearing that night had been dug out from an old wardrobe or the current one but, either way, sexy bitch for sure.

Amazing how nearly all the men here have misread the previous comment as something dirtier.

Put boobs in front of us and we go to pieces.

"What? You wouldn't fuck a feminist?"

Ha ha - they'd fuck a lot of um, "types" they'd never admit to in public.

I'd stroke more than your ego.

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