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tidbits 2.27

tidbits 2.27

The Pentagon has decided to close the Office of True Lies, better known as The Office of Strategic Influence. Do you think they're just spreading disinformation in saying they are closing it? How do we know if an office whose purpose was to tell lies is being honest when they say they are closing?

And once again Bush is touting his brilliant idea that all unwed mothers should get married. Because this will solve all their problems. Because a woman is not capable of supporting herself financially. And he's just perpetuating the archaic notion that "family" life can only be called family when there's both a mother and father present. Sorry, but our little family life was better when we went from mother and father to just mother. And let's not even get started on the other forms of family. I don't want to give George a heart attack by insisting that family can also mean two fathers or two mothers. And it's a bit ironic that this is all touted under a banner that says "Working towards independence" when what he is doing is telling women they have to depend on a man to make their lives better.

For a while people were wondering "what ever happened to Gary Condit?" But I'm wondering...whatever happened to the search for Chandra Levy?

Anyhow. Over in the hall of infamy today is Geoff. After you peruse his blog, which is always snarky and astute and sarcastic, check out his writings and his record reviews and his links to all his published works.

There's a new group blog coming your way. Shel has started Procrastiblog, which will be your one stop shopping source for time wasters and repetitive stress syndrome on the internet. He's looking for authors before the site launches, so check it out and think about joining us.

I saw Ben and Mena on TechTv last night, talking about Movable Type. Chris has some screenshots as well some bobbin head action.

Well, that was supposed to be tidbits. That may have been the whole damn morning blog.


it is good to know that Bush supports an administration that will encourage children to grow up in broken households. Welcome back to the 50's ladies and gents where parents stay together or hitch up even though they truly can't stand each other.

I suggest you try your best to give Bush a heart attack, actually.

I posted a long, lovely, Duhhhbya rant on my site. I am formally dedicating it to YOU here. :) Enjoy.

My Baby had some screenshots on that too!

Yep, I saw Denise's too!

Hello, have fun with easy blogging!

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