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life on hold

life on hold

So the cable guy came on Monday. He fixed and fiddled and ran some new wires and we had our fast connection and digital cable back. Everything was wonderful.

Today they came and tinkered with something on the pole outside. Ever since then, our cable has been out.

I call the cable company. Someone crossed some wires. Someone came back to mess with something that wasn't broken. Oops.

They tell me they will come back tomorrow.

I don't think so. I want my cable modem back tonight.

It's too late to schedule an appointment for today, she said.

This is not scheduling an appointment, this is someone fixing something they broke.

We'll be there tomorrow between 8 and 4, she says.

You want me to take another day off to stay home so I can wait around all day for a guy to come and fix something he broke today?

That's the only advice I have for you right now. We have nothing available for today.

You don't have overtime for your employees?

Yes, we do.

Ok, then put the tech on overtime and have him come to my house when he's done.

We can't.

Why not?

He's not available.

Make him available.

I'll have a supervisor call you.


And that's that. Haven't heard back and I'm leaving work now.

I'm sure my tone of voice and the several threatening phrases I left out of the above conversation assured that I will never get quality service from then again.

So bottom line, no modem until some time tomorrow. Yes, I can live without the internet. It's the principle of the thing that pisses me off.

I can live without the internet, right? It's possible?


I work at Time Warner Cable and had to deal FIRST hand with this ghetto ness with my installation. My dad who is on the island thinks all of Cablevision are rat bastards and he got a DISH.

It must be possible to live without net access. The cavemen lived without the net... didn't they?

Perhaps you should work on your sabre-tooth-tiger-spearing skills. Might come in handy when dealing with customer service again.


No. It is not possible.

Sadly, no.

uh-uh. nope. no way.

i once went without it for 2 days. it tooks weeks of therapy. shudder

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