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titanium white?

titanium white?

Quick poll:

I am in the process of redesigning. Well, D is in the process of redesigning and I am in the process of annoying the fuck out of him with my indecision.

I want a simple, two color scheme. But I can't come up with a color that I still like from one day to the next because I'm always talking about what color I feel that day, not what color I truly am. (Yea, sounds hokey, doesn't it?)

So the poll thing is, if you had to slap a color label on me, what would that color be? You know, what color am I?


Red. Not bright red..a dark red. Almost maroon.

I'm seeing a brick red, muted, not fuck-me red, and a grey.

See, I told you it was red!

Red red red!

And black.

you could always just skin the site and apply a random skin each day. anyway, i feel your pain - i'm ambivalent too. i've gone through three redesigns in less than 2 weeks. and of course, i'm still not happy! :)

I hate to jump on the bandwagon but I'm also thinkin' somewhere red. Use this utility ,set the hue in the middle and click about in the middle on the right edge.

I see you as a reddish orange, though more to the orangey side. Everyone says orange is ugly, but it's really not; it just needs the love and affection given to all the other colors. Poor, neglected orange.

#CCCCCC and #996666 with black accents here and there.

now that I met you, I know you are definitely a peaceful, neutral, cyan.


Fire is red.

Gun metal steel, baby. Gun metal steel.

...or have a "set the color" option. 'Course that would help the viewer, not you as much. Hmm.

i see you as a dried blood, carnal type red.

i agree with miz Portia: skin your site.

Orange is not ugly! Bill [hearts] orange.

yes, orange is our friend.

You do seem to fall on the red side of the spectrum. I was thinking hot pink. It was my favorite color when I was, oh, six. (I was such a girly-boy!).

But seriously.

Uh, white?

I'm a minimalist.

try this -http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex11/dhtmladjust.htm

you can set the page to allow your readers (and yourself) to adjust the color anyway they like

I agree with Portia. I would choose more than one color scheme, and then either have them chosen randomly with each load, by a schedule (i.e. days of the week), or simply create a button or utility that allows you to switch between different schemes you like on a whim.

It may take some programming depending on how your site is put together and served, but it wouldn't be too hard.

If it involves programming or coding, it aint happening.

Ah-ha, I see a lot of preference for dark reds here... which would be the initial design I came up with, which was minimalist with a white background, red graphics and black highlights.

i don't know you, but you seem marigold to me.

you were this color red to me even before i read any of the above comments.

Brick red and a lighter shade of it, altho I like the marigold idea. ...

D, that is so freaky, that was exactly what I said to Michele when she asked my opinion - and she hadn't told me about your design.

yeah, but red is everywhere. what about puce? i've never seen a puce website. of course, i could have seen one and not known it, because i don't know what color that is, really.

but it sounds unique. and ... rebellious. anti-something. it does.

cerulean. but i haven't been here long...

You're a two-toned sepia...a hint of reddish flair, but overall a muted and underrated brown.

Big bold red. Not fire-engine candy-apple red or brick brownish red, but like...dark red apple red by which I mean this-ish.

Er...or not...let's try that again...

I was kind of going for a tone of red. D was calliing it menstrual red.

What i would do, if i were you in this situation, is specify said two colors in one stylesheet, and then edit that stylesheet as you see fit. Every couple days (or everyday) changing the color(s). Then those changes would be propogated through the whole site.
Just a thought to drive D firmly over the edge.

You know, you could always set up script to allow people to change the colors - how I do it in my Pixelog. It can be black or white. Could have added other colors, but I just wanted two. Let me know if you want me to hook up with D to give him the code...

I like the custom, choose-you-own colour idea. Though instead of DHTML, I would definitely do something in PHP. That way you can have not just the colour, but the whole range of style sheet options (text, links, eyc) configurable, as well as any graphic elements. Matt has a good example. There is a default page, and then there on the left you can change to other designs, as well as set a preference.

That, plus your colour is black - not a good Web Design choice.

Well all your suggestions were very good. But honestly, the changing colors thing sort of freaks me out. I can't come up with ONE color scheme, let alone two or three. As for anything that needs coding, forget it. Unless I kiss Christine's ass, which isn't entirely out of the question.

But yea....red. A burnt sort of red.

i'm loving the "burnt sort of red" idea. let's see it! let us vote on it! :)