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blog dreams

blog dreams

Yea, I am resting. But I just had to tell you something.

I fell asleep on the couch. I had a dream. And in the dream a small, bald headed man had bullied his way into my house (which was not my house but a rather large colonial) and he had several guns and a tv...yes a tv...that he used as a weapon. He forced the teenage girl who lived with me upstairs and out a window and then he made me sit outside also, daring me to call the cops. If anyone in the house attempted to call the cops, he threw the tv at them.

Well, it went on like that for a while and then there was the disturbing part. I was on the balcony of the house, hands tied behind my back and looked down into my neighbor's yard. And there was a man, supposedly my neigbhor, patting his wife's head, and sayin "good doggy, nice doggy," as if he were in a trance. And then he got up. And his wife was just a head. A head that had obviously been sawed off with something rather craggy and choppy. Her eyes stared up at me, the horror reflected in them.

And then the bully man was behind me and he pointed to the head and said "Now, that's what you get for reading Zeldman!"

You may resume whatever it was you were doing now.


You know u really should type up these dreams and get them published for all the people on drugs to read.Im sure they'd make sense to them at least!

Ok, don't panic Todd...don't panic. breathe in...breathe out Please TELL me the TV made it ok?!

The dreams are worse after reading Jish....they just seem to be....oh....so.....boring.

(squealing like a terrified little girl)

That makes dreams involving Sarah Jessica Parker in war-time England look like a fairytale wonderland.

Yikes. . .
You know, you and Jeffery are neighbours. Perhaps you should go over and request a hug.

The dream in no way implies by attitude towards Mr. Zeldman. I think he's a genius.

Last time I requested a hug from a neighbor they had me arrested.

LOL - He's big on the hugs, though. I have even received a couple coveted Zeldman hugs myself.

Great comments guys. Peter FDA

Hello, have fun with easy blogging!