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random amusements

random amusements just to prove I'm not always pissy and serious

morning exstitentialism from the amazing poem generator:

I just come up
and for a good Warning
sign number one. screamed,
no one of grammar and not what
they are full of me But be the fridge.
Takes off her birthday is a
day for many years. I felt my desk for me. and
sit in cold air.

If poems aren't your thing, there's always haikus about a pancake wearing bunny.

If you haven't already done so, fess up to your first celebrity crushes. Or just laugh at everyone else (self included).

And for the many people who have asked me recently, I will be updating, refurbishing and keeping current the banned books project, as soon as the school reading program is over in March. Anyone who wants to help out, participate, *cough* redesign, or offer suggestions please let me know.

This is so me today. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, here I come.


Carpal Tunnel?? Baby, been there, done that :) I still have to do my daily wrist exercises with my right hand.. :)

re: BBProject, I would love to help...I am horrid at design, but lmk anything else you may need help with...

BTW--when are you hauling yo ass to submit something to small spiral notebook????

There go my procrastinating skills again.

Is it ok to submit something that I already posted here?

Hey if it is prose/poetry, send it on over....I review with 3 other gals the fiction and we have 2 separate editors for nf & poetry...but bring it ON girl :)

Ooooh, they have games for the Palm..... * perkl! *

7 years ago I wrote a poem generator. It's woefully out of date - but I never thought to feed it with URLs! Way to go Cmdr Taco!


using chris's poem generator:

canada has won
each leaf is destroyed
and nothing is won.
Swimming in black tendrils, feeling annoyed

how fitting, eh?

Oy, you don't want the CTS, believe me... mine crops up at the most inconvenient times(driving, picking up heavy objects).