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tidbits 2.24

tidbits 2.24

Maybe I can sneak in a few posts during my modem's up times. I've got to wait around for the cable guy who is coming somewhere between 8 and 4. That narrows it down. I suppose I should feel lucky that I'm getting someone to come over at all on a Sunday.

Happy Birthday to Bryan (not Ryan). I hope your birthday is wonderful and that I never call you Ryan again. No offense to Ryan, of course. As a sort of present, Bryan is in the hall of infamy in the sidebar today. Just what you wanted for your birthday, two extra hits to your weblog. Don't say I never did anything for you.

And for the record, for those who asked, I did have a great time with Miss B. and Space and MG. They are the kind of people you are immediately comfortable with. And yes, Miss B. is as gorgeous and charming as she appears on her blog. And we were nowhere to be seen when this went down.

Two second movie review: 3000 Miles to Graceland.
It had Courtney Cox, David Arquette and Kevin Costner as a laughable bad guy. Why was I expecting entertainment? On the suck scale, this was major suckage.

However, we did manage to catch a showing of Never Too Young to Die, starring John Stamos and Gene Simmons of Kiss fame as a shemale dressed in a gold lame bustier. I kid you not. On the camp scale, major campage. Fun for the whole family.


whoot whoot!

thanks michele!