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You're all out of order!

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You're all out of order!

And people wonder why I don't watch the Olympics.

First we had the pairs figure skating fiasco.

Then we had Wayne Gretzky being a complete idiot.

Last night, Sarah Hughes won the gold medal in figure skating. Now, there are sour grape Americans all over the place bitching and moaning that Michelle Kwan didn't win. This is all I have seen on the news today. Poor Michelle, sad Michelle, sad fans. Guess what folks? She fell. Hughes didn't. And hello? Hughes is an American, shouldn't you all be happy? Well they are not and it just proves my point about the Olympics not being about pride in your country and togetherness and all that bullshit. It's a bitter, nasty schoolyard fight is all it is.

And that's not the end of it because the Russian judges are protesting Hughes's medal, saying the judging was biased. They have been quoted as saying that they will pretty much pack up their bags and go home if no one pays attention to their whining. All the Russians. Including the hockey team, which is supposed to play the USA tonight in the semi-finals. Basically hockey is the only Olympic sport I get excited about, so this is really pissing me off.

I've pretty much had it with the Olympics. I think they should just stop them once and for all. They don't promote anything that they were meant to promote, they are full of scandals and back stabbing and name calling and bitterness and to be perfectly honest, they're pretty damn boring.

I'm sure we could come up with something more fascinating to sink our competitive teeth into every couple of years. Beer guzzling playoffs? Rodeo clown pageants? Simpsons trivia contests? Hell, if I'm going to watch people fight over sports I'd much rather set up a cage and have Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza go at it. We can have Tonya Harding ref.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I've just become too cynical in my old age to find any joy in people bickering and complaining for sport. Maybe I just can't understand curling, no matter how hard I try.

Anyone up for a Simpsons Trivia Olympics?


first post! ;-)

Wayne Gretzky was not being an idiot. HE IS an idiot. Evidently you've never suffered through the barrage of promotions and endorsements that flooded Canada after his retirement.

I swore off McCain's forever.

However, talking to some fellow Canucks that actually care about sports, there is something to what he says... evidently the Womans Finals for Hockey was rife with bad calls and bad refereeing by an American Referee. There was an absurd number of penalites towards Canada in that game ... it does seem a bit ... odd.

But I don't think it's a Canadian thing. Something tells me the Olympics are just getting more and more tarnished and tainted.

Couldn't have been too bad. The Canadians won that game.

Yet another reason I'm glad I don't watch TV any more.

The Olympics are nothing more than a giant marketing, moneymaking scheme - and not even really for the atheletes. I'm sure the medal winners will get endorsement contracts, etc, etc, but I doubt they'll be able to retire after this. Who's making money? NBC. Salt Lake City. All the developers and contractors who built that shit that's going to stand empty once the Olympics are over. I know I'm forgetting someone...

Do they stand for peace and goodwill and international cooperation? No. Are they overrated and mostly boring? Yes. Are the ice skating commentators completely vapid human beings? Yes. Are people acting like children? Yes. Someone remind me why I should be excited about all of this... Oof. Sorry, Michele. Let me get off this soapbox - I'm obviously preaching to the choir. ;)

It's not just about gold medals anymore. It's about all the gold you can get for winning gold. I honestly think that if big pots of money wasn't sniffing like a dog after every winner's butt (well, OK, not every winner; anybody seen Ole Einar Bjoerndalen doing a Disney commercial?), you wouldn't have quite as much poor sportsmanship from the...

I was going to say "losers," but that label is part of the problem, isn't it?

In other sports related news, MC Hammer was spotted at an Orlando Magic game signing autographs. Signing autographs! People want his autograph?

(this is completely out of context, oh well)

Out of context but amusing, nonetheless.

Wayne Gretzky was NOT being an idiot. Christ. His players got SPEARED and CROSS-CHECKED HARD and he was sticking up for his players. And he was right, had it been one of his players that did that there would be an outcry from the media like you've never heard before. You wanna talk idiots, how 'bout the American women putting the Canadian flag on the floor of their dressing room? Nice. Well, we all saw which flag got raised the highest last night. And how 'bout that American ref? 13 penalties? I could go on, but...you get the point.

Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza... ooooooh... there's a porn fantasy waiting to happen.

Okay, I'll stop being such a homo now. ;)

Oh, yeah, but leave Tonya outta that fantasy. Talk about making one impotent!

bring back tonya and nancy - that's what the olypic spirit was all about!

Mark, I was horrified at what the women's hockey team did.

As for Gretzky, I just thought his rant about Canadian hockey being so great, and how proud he is to be a Canadian just a little ironic considering all the money he made as a hockey player for U.S. teams. He may have had a point but, as usual, he was just being too damn whiny about it.

I haven't seen any sour grapes about Michelle, or people saying that she should have won. You're right, she fell. What I see is people feeling bad for her because they know she's a superior skater and has worked her ASS off for 8 years to win a gold medal. Myself included.

"Shouldn't you all be happy?"

Hmmm.. I'm happy the Patriots won the Superbowl, but how many people wished the Rams would have won instead? It has nothing to do with being bitter and everything to do with being disappointed that your favorite athlete didn't win.

Valid points, Candi. It's just that the media leads you to believe the Olympics are about rooting for your country, not individual players.

Gretzky IS over rated. Granted he was a pretty darn good playmaker, however (forgive my bias here) he would not have lasted long in the pre expansion six team NHL. His records, though remarkable, need asterisks...so too should ALL records established AFTER the 1966-1967 season.
He did not like the physical game...hey I am only five and a half feet tall, but I dealt with it!

Re the OLYMPICS...YES (I write this as an American) they are tarnished and over hyped. The addition of pro athletes from various sports (basketball, hockey, etc) and addition of very UNUSUAL sports (aerial skiing? snow boarding?
ballroom dancing? figure skating?) that involve judges (shades of this year's figure skating fiasco) and the Billions of dollars that could me better spent in other areas have tarnished the Games.

Better that a PERMANENT home for them be established in two nations: Switzerland for the Winter Games and Greece for the Summer Games. Eliminate the bidding by cities and nations. Get the money out, restrict it to AMATEUR ATHLETES and perhaps they will return to their former level of import. Many of the sports involved have national and international championships on some basis anyway.

For what it is worth congrats on your Golds in Men's and Women's Ice Hockey.

Thank you.

You're right Michele, you shouldn't be a patriotic Canadian if you make money in the states.
I'll shut up now.

First, I think Wayne (not Gretzky) assumes that I am Canadian. I am not. And you are right about Gretzky, Wayne. He was only able to be such a great offensive player because he had players like Dave "Cementhead" clearing the path for him. I'm not saying that forwards shouldn't be surrounded by a good defense (i.e., goons), but if you're going to play hockey, you've got to take the hits. He had no physical side to his game whatsover. I don't think he even knew how to throw a check.

Mark, I think I probably let my disdain for Gretzky get in the way of my thought process there. Sarcasm noted, point taken.

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