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i had a dream last night

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I had a dream last night (download: butthole surfers: I had a dream last night mp3)

I think this dream was this morning, rather than last night. I know I was sleeping on my back, and I tend to have stranger dreams when I sleep in that position.

There was a large, round table. Seated at the table were, in clockwise order, my grandmother (deceased), my mother, D, Billy Zane as the Phantom, and Tie Domi.

Grandma was dealing out cards. There was a hot game of poker going on, and she was cursing like a sailor, telling the other players to pay attention or get the fuck out. Except she was cursing in Italian. The whole slew of her insults came out in Italian and although I don't speak the language in waking life, I knew what she was saying.

Tie Domi, not suprisingly, got pissed. He threw the cards everywhere, and when his cards landed on the floor, I saw that he had a straight flush in his hands. I tried to motion to D to pick the cards up and pretend it was his hand so he would win, but he wasn't paying attention. Because he was too busy trying to reach someone on his cell phone. Or so I thought. Upon closer observation, I saw that it was not a cell phone, but a Palm Pilot, and he was playing Tetris.

Billy Zane was the only one paying attention, and grandma dealt him a new hand of cards. When he turned his cards over, he started shouting "GO FISH!" maniacally and got up on the table and did sort of a flamenco dance, at which point he turned into Antonio Banderas in Desperado. Grandma threw a hissy fit. She kept shouting that Desperado sucked ass (in Italian of course) and that everyone knows that Six String Samurai was the best movie ever.

The floor of the room started to shift and tilt a little and the tables and chairs and people in the chairs slid down to the left, leaving a trail of dust and smoke and poker chips behind them. They disappeared into the wall, which became a portal of some sort. No one screamed, no one yelled. D continued playing Tetris, Antonio continued dancing, grandma continued cursing and Tie Domi, hockey stick in hand, was the only one protesting. He was swiping at the air with his hockey stick as if that would help.

There was a young girl, dressed like Jon Benet Ramsey, but with the face of Joan Collins. She walked over to the portal/wall that the poker players were sucked into and looked down. She made a squealing sound, as if in delight, and when she turned around she was the little girl from Poltergeist and she was grinning an evil, bone chilling grin.

Green smoke started coming from the portal, along with a hissing sound, and I could hear D screaming that he didn't deserve to be damned, at least not with this company. Eventually the voices and the screams of pain stopped and I was left with a ringing in my ears and a big mess to clean.

The room got suddenly cold and I felt my body seize up, as if it were frozen. I couldn't move any limbs; I could barely breathe. The room filled with cold steam, the kind that comes from your mouth when you breathe out in cold air. It was as if a hundred people were in that room with me, all breathing heavy and making puffs of steam. My hands and arms started to crack, tiny little lines moving up and down and across, and my skin began to flake as it cracked. It fell off in little pieces, and the little scary girl was there with a broom, sweeping the pieces of my skin into a dustpan. She kept grinning, looking so cute and charming in her little pinafore dress, but every once in while she would look at me with that evil smile and my skin would crack a bit more.

I woke up to one of those moments where I think I am paralyzed. I choked and gasped and tried to yell and tried to move my limbs but couldn't, even though I was fully awake at this point. Finally, Justin kicked me (in his sleep) and I jolted up, sucking in fresh air and feeling my skin to make sure it was still there.

And how was your night?


damn girl, what kind of cold medication you taking? and are you mixing it with alcohol? it's after reading posts like that that make me glad I hardly ever remember my dreams in the morning....

Another high school dream. I have this recurring one that I'm forced to go back to high school with all the old gang who are all nearing 30 now. Same teachers, same ugly maroon and grey carpet, same bad grades in algebra. I wake up all stressed out.
At least I'm not in my underwear in any of these...

In my school dreams, it's always the same. I either can't find my classroom/locker/schedule, or it's the end of the semester and I realize I haven't been to class yet.

lay off the hair metal before you go to bed sista

Six String Samurai is a great flick! Lately my dreams have invloved my high school classmates and guns.

"I could hear D screaming that he didn't deserve to be damned, at least not with this company." The whole dream was amazingly classic & twisted, but that line? Made me snortlaugh. Or is that a snlaugh? Whatever, it was freakin' hysterical!

Girl, you gotta go in and get that shit figured out... Oi.

I always have weird dreams, usually where I am killing someone. Or there's a shark in it. Dreams can be strange. I was listening to that song on the way to work today, though (William Shakespear's Romeo + Juliet soundtrack), so that's kind of cool.

That was beautiful, Michele.
Your dream grandma rocks.

I had a dream, night before last, that I was in a Jeeves and Wooster story by PG Wodehouse, and in it I was trying to save the world from an evil, maniacal Bill Gates. He kept popping up in the weirdest places, as the third storyline in a story that really only needed one or two, and I kept trying to vanquish him. But he could disappear. Totally no fair, having disappear technology in a Jeeves story.

Ironically enough, one of our good friends from college (who shares my birthday) is Billy Zane's cousin! I've never met him, but claim the degrees of separation nonetheless.

I'm tired, yo. I read that at first as Billy ZOOM at the phantom. You know, the freaky guitarist from X? Now how creepy of a dream would that be?
No idea who Billy Zane is.

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