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tidbits 2.22

tidbits 2.22
New QOD: childhood celebrtiy crushes. Embarassing, I know. That's the point.

Takin' it around town: Billegible is today's hall of infamy victim (in sidebar); I picked up some great "desktop adornments" from Phineas; Voltron joins the war; the Nobel Peace Prize committee must have a real good sense of humor; and coffee can, indeed, kill you. And yes, as always, John Ashcroft is evil.

And I added some stuff to my wishlist. You know. Just in case you wanted to express your appreciation for me appearing naked on the cam every night.

Oh wait. That wasn't me.

Added new blogs to the list. Yes, more blogs to read. I'm going for the world record in link love. Added today (new to me, probably not to you): fantabulosa, neurotic fishbowl, random thoughts, prolific, i love everything and xkot. Enjoy if you haven't already.

Real blog to follow. Still jump starting the brain after last night.


Totally nothing to do with your post - you did get your "Vice President" e-mail right? Contact me, we need to make plans to take over the world! (E-mail me & I'll send you my daytime IM to add... if you want it.) ToDD4EvR!

Blush, blush.

I mean, it's true and all, but still, blush.

Thanks, Michele - takes one sexy bitch to know another, neh?

I just had to say thank you for the link love. :)