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excuse me, have you seen bin laden's arm

excuse me, have you seen bin laden's arm?

We had the party out, don't know if I mentioned that. They said they would take care of everything. The theme was "mystery" and it was supposed to be a murder mystery and the girls would get clues and find the answer and they would keep it age appropriate and in good taste.

What I really wanted the mystery to be was "which girl here is going to suffer multiple spork wounds tonight" or "which girl's mother is a total and complete selfish moron who is raising her daughter to be the same?" And then they would hand out sporks to everyone and it would end like a horror movie, with Annie writhing on the floor, sporks flailing down on her, and her mother in the background, screaming for her life.

But no, the mystery was something far more sinister.

I should have known when the two hosts were dressed in combat fatigues.

The theme was "find bin Laden's body parts" and there were clues and riddles and in the end when one team figured it all out and went to the right hiding spot there was a skeleton with bin Laden's name on it.

Don't really know if this was age appropriate or in good taste. Don't really care. What matters is I made it through alive. Over two hours with a roomful of prepubescent, screeching giggly girls and I have lived to tell the tale.

Must regenerate brain tissue before my meeting with Baz and Space and MG tomorrow.

Find bin Laden's body parts. I wonder what the parents will say when the kids go home and tell them what they did at the party tonight. At least all the body parts were rated G.


find the evil-doers arm is such a defining experience. kinda like when we had bomb drills in school. "everyone get under your desk." i wasn't the smartest kid, i'm still not. however, even then, i knew my desk afforded no protection from bombs.

also, being in California, we had earthquake drills, which runs through the same motions, "everyone get under your desk." at least this one made sense.

so, we had bomb drills, they find the evil-doers arm. so generationally appropriate.

Oh crap. Michele, dangit... I realize I shouldn't blame you for the fact that you have now unwittingly conjured in my mind the phrase "Hey baby, you wanna play 'Hide the Bin Laden?' If you got the Tora Bora...", but the fact is you have and now I am just that much more scarred. I'm 29 and I still wouldn't consider that age appropriate. Stupid brain... yuck yuck yuck ew... Lucky thing I wasn't anywhere near this party. I'm sure this qualifies me for a sporking.

giggles I offer my sympathy. Really, I do. goes off in a fit of giggles again

ahh, yes, find the dismembered body part. because we don't have enough violent images yet from the real world.

yeah, it's funny. but sick. whatever happened to pin the tail on the donkey?

Phineas, consider yourself sporked. I'm going to spend all day thinking about bin Laden euphemisms for sex now.

Pin the tail on the donkey was banned in my family every since DJ's 6th birthday when he pinned the tail in a very inappropriate place and claimed the donkey was hung like a horse.

Well, at least now we're sure he's your biological offspring.

That is...just bizarre.

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