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Americans, we have sunk to a new low. Tonight, for your viewing pleasure, Fox TV presents "The Glutton Bowl: The World's Greatest Eating Competition."

I'm almost speechless. What kind of nation have we become when we have tv shows decicated to one of the seven deadly sins? Well actually, some of them have been done already (See Tempation Island for lust, COPS for anger, and the Denis Miller Show for pride).

But this, this takes the cake, so to speak. I think all the starving people in this country will really get a kick out of this show. "Look ma, he's eating 8 meals in ten seconds! Pass the can of cold beans, please."

There is actually an International Federation of Competitive Eaters. How does one aspire to be a competitive eater? What leads you down this path of life, where you wake up one day and say Hey! I want to go around the country challenging people to eating contests! I'm at a total loss here as to not only why people do this, but why there is a television show promoting it. Yes, I know it's FOX. But, still...

Obesity in this country has hit an all time high. We are a nation of people with very unhealthy eating habits. And now, we have FOX and a bunch of digusting, wasteful idiots trying to present eating as a sport. Maybe one of them will eat so fast and so much that he will puke, and then FOX will air it next week as part of the "America's Greatest Vomiters" competition.

I had a hard enough time accepting curling as a sport. Eating? Not gonna happen. Please do not turn your tv to FOX tonight. Do not watch this show. And if you do, don't tell me about it. I'm going to pretend that crap like this does not exist.


Well, yeah, but that skinny Japanese guy keeps winning the hotdog-eating contest in New York... which of course doesn't make it any less sick. And I'm not even going to get started on the Japanese and vomiting.

Fox is the same network of speedmarriage fame right? (remember Rockwell and Conger?)

Who wants to Marry a MultiGluttonaire?

Now this is the way food, and eating, should be viewed.

There's an annual celebration of gluttony here in Philadelphia called the Wing Bowl—the contestants have to do some pretty disgusting things just to qualify for the final contest. No wonder there are so many fat people around here.

Hey, I like curling. It's kind of like sport for the non-athletic. Ice dancing is the one that has to go.

Pass the single cold, uncooked bean, more like.

And for this they cancelled Futurama.

Actually, I think Glutton-o-Rama is taking the timeslot of The Tick. Yet another show cut down by Fox before it had a chance.

The Tick, Futurama and Family Guy.

And we're stuck with "When Hungry People Attack"

As my boyfriend loves to point out, we have become the decadent Romans and we all see what happened to them.

Btw, you were my BlogSnob link at one point this morning and I noticed it still had your old address. You should go update your profile. (And said nicely so you don't want to gouge my eyes out with a spork.) ;-)

Thank you Kymberlie. No sporking necessary.

Well this would be the 10th conversation I would have about curling, so I won't mention that. All I can say is "something" had to compete with the olympics.

Get a life!!! The show was a comedy.

Get a life!!! The show was a comedy.

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