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it's not what you think

it's not what you think

Yes, I am well aware that there is an unidentifiable white stain on my shirt.

No, I do not know how it got there or what it is.

I thank you for being the 20th person to point it out.

I also thank you for being the 20th person to suggest that the stain is jizz.

Please get out of my office now.

Have a shitty day.

I will be under my desk for the remainder of the day. In lieu of finding me here, please go answer my QOD, read my new post at Bad Sam:next gen or my dismantling of Scott Stapp at FuckMTV.

This has been a self-serving public service announcement.


Betcha it's toothpaste!

It is toothpaste, but no one believes me.

Boss: "Is that your blood?"
Tyler Durden: "Some of it, yeah." -- fightclub

well geez, Michele, if you're gonna get THAT type of rep, you may as well smear some toothpaste on the corners of your mouth and REALLY get tongues wagging...

I get that toothpaste thing sometimes. unfortunately, I get it off the edge of the sink, and I'm tall enough, that, well, the location is such that no one believes me either.

It's Jizz! The jizz-flavored toothpaste, now available at your friendly neighborhood pharmacy and gay bar.

see, instead blowing people in the bathroom, you could be emailing me ideas for that blog thing we're gonna do...

I admit it. I was just giving Davezilla the blowjob I promised him so long ago.

oh, but you email me and tell me no blowjobs - so much for staying real with yr queer fans...

Man! I can't believe people would make those remarks in a professional work environment.
How do you review the videos? Does MTV still play videos? I stopped watching it years ago because they no longer did.

Then again, there is no one in my office I'd want to blow in the bathroom.

mtv does play videos but between 3am - 3:15am. every other thursday.

I either watch the videos on MuchMusic or on Launch.com.

I haven't turned on MTV in ages.

Hello, have fun with easy blogging!

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