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not to be confused with star trek: next gen

not to be confused with star trek: next gen

And then there was Bad Sam: next gen. Where I reside in my spare time.

And speaking of spare time, I also can be found over at FuckMTV , which is having a review-o-rama this week to kick off the relaunch of the site on March 12. And the call is open for new reviewers, too. Look for my panning...I mean review...of Creed's My Sacrifice tonight.

And I think that's all the spare time I have. For now.


Considering how rarely I posted on Bad Sam, I shouldn't want to be a reviewer for Fuck MTV at all... at all, bad D... bad D!

But I do...

you know, it's not like i have a lot of free time. it's so tempting to want to do this, but then again i have to remind myself, i'm incapable of watching mtv long enough for an actual video to come on, & if one did, i don't know i could bring myself to watch it.

still, the reviewing process seems so fun.

They show music videos on MTV? I thought it was just Carson Daily and Tom Green being utter pricks...