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The Skid Row Coaster Collection

The Skid Row Coaster Collection

Via Prolific (arrived through Chris):

The most embarassing cds in my collection. Some of these I am not even embarassed to own, which is embarassing in itself. You know?

1. Kiss, Psycho Circus.
Technically not mine, but DJ's. But it's in my house so I own the right to be ashamed of it.

2. Oasis, What's the Story Morning Glory.
I don't know what my frame of mind was that caused me to purchase an Oasis cd, but I hope I never experience that kind of insanity again.

3. Brad, Interiors.
I don't know, either. I think it's possibly a side band of someone from Pearl Jam. I don't remember buying it, but it's here.

4. Kid Rock, Devil Without a Cause.

5. Skid Row, Slave to the Grind.
I swear, I don't know how these cds get in my house. But this one is now in my "cds as beer coasters" collection.

6. Metallica, Re-Load.
Also in the coaster collection.

7. Guns N Roses, Spaghetti Incident?
Getting all the mileage out of the term "suckage" that one band can.

8. Vanilla Ice, To the Extreme.
I'm going to cry now, ok?

9. Thompson Twins, Into the Gap (on vinyl).
What seemed so cool in the 80's seems so dorky now.

10. Puddle of Mudd, Come Clean.
This is what happens when you don't send back your monthly CDHQ slip.

The sad thing is, there's more. So many more. Your turn to fess up now.


I have a bunch of stuff from Survivor, Journey, Richard Marx and several other artists that will not likely ever see the inside of my stereo again.

Hey Chad. Hang on to those. They will be collectors items now that we are in our 80's retro phase! I have the Flashdance CD in a safe deposit box.

My current collections has the Deadeye Dick CD. This CD sucked so bad I don't even remember the title. For some reason, after many sortings, this CD still made it thru. How? I do not know. An AOL CD has more soul.

Nuh-uh, you win sister, you win outright.

I also own the Vanilla Ice CD. That, and two CDīs from Michael Bolton (Oh my god... the hair, the hair!) Letīs just say it was the coolest I could find at the CD-Club at the time. I was 15 at the time I think.... just bought my first CD-player... Sounded like a good idea. They are still immaculate.

I just weeded our collection out, here's the embarassing crap I'm getting rid of. Does anyone know what to do with this stuff aside from filling up the trash bin?

Hey...I have that Thompson Twins record! Oh, wait, nope - I gave that away a couple of years ago. I do have vinyl copy of the soundtrack to "Weird Science." You still win, Michele. Kid Rock?

Others I forgot earlier this morning:

Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory

Eminem, I forget which -- the Slim Shady one -- a damn hilarious CD that is still embarrassing to own.

Skid Row, Slave to the Grind -- how sad is this? I have the Euro import. Re-reading Michele's list jogged my memory on this one.

I'm sure there are yet more.

Why, oh why do you own the Linkin Park cd??

You should make a cd coaster collection.

Any blogger who made it to my "80s party" last month already knows the unmentionables in my collection. To add insult to injury, now a lot of it is on .mp3. But I believe the one that tops it all has got to be GTR. Can you believe I really wanted to go to this concert sooooooo bad, but I was on restriction that week.

Poison - Look What The Cat Dragged In. What can I say, guilty pleasure. By the way, no one is going to see this right?

I just did a screen shot and sent it to all your friends and co-workers, Sam.

That's what you get for owning a Poison record.

win big, mama's fallen angel...

What michele isn't mentioning of course is that she's totally unashamed of her Warrant/Cinderella collection

hey, what's wrong with Puddle of Mudd? or Linkin Park? fuck, they're a helluva lot better than say, Creed or Limp Bizkit.

And as far as I'm concerned, (and I know I've said this before in a wayyy previous post), nobody but NOBODY can beat my Carmen Electra self-titled CD.

Well, unless one of you owns that CD sang by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

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