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ping ping

ping ping

weblogs.com says "thanks for the ping."

I say "You're welcome. Was it good for you? Would you like a cigarette?"


9 times out of 10, i get an error message, "your ping failed."

feralmig: it usually works on the second try.
feralmig: some mornings i can sit there for hours, pinging away.
feralmig: yes, a failed ping is a real downer.
feralmig: sometimes obsolete equipment can cause a ping to fail.
feralmig: the main thing is not to assign blame for a failed ping.

(Note that this was not a one sided conversation. Mig just had all the funny lines)

Heh heh, lets all point and laugh at Mr Pingless.

There's been a patch posted to solve your problem Miguel, its called Pingagra.

Hello, have fun with easy blogging!