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chuck knoblauch and garlic flavored titties

chuck knoblauch and garlic flavored titties

Overheard in the supermarket meat aisle this morning:

woman: What should I make for dinner tonight?
man: Big fat titties!
woman: Excuse me?
man: Big fat titties rubbed in garlic and oil!
woman: (rolling eyes) We had chicken breast on Wednesday.

To everyone who has come here in the past few months looking for "chuck knoblauch gay" or "gay knoblauch" please be advised that I not care about Knoblauch's sexual preferences. His gayness or non-gayness does not have any bearing on the fact that he is a shitty baseball player. If I said in the past that Chuck Knoblauch sucks ass, it was meant figuratively and not literally.

While we are on the subject please note that I do not give out birthday blowjobs. And while I can help you find filler bunny or experience my dark muffins or explain why George Lucas is a fuckwad, I will not be able to help you with your bizarre sexual fetishes, especially anything to do with your father or your pet or your wife's boss. Or you father's wife's boss pleasing her pet. Please try here or here and move on, thank you.

Blogger riddle time.
Q: How can you tell when a blogger has nothing of interest to say?
A: They post search requests.

Hahahahaha. I crack me up.

Yea, more caffeine, please.

Don't forget to play the game today. Prize included (no purchase necessary).


I'm thinking that in the future if I ever put the phrase "Chuck Knoblach's big fat titties in garlic and oil" into Google, the only site I'm going to get is this one.

How frightening is that?

How frightening is it that I would be proud of that?


Tee-hee. You said "titties."

you...don't ...give....blowjobs?

well who the funk has been sucking my lincoln log all this time? own up, now!

I remember the days, back in 1989 at A&M when Knoblauch wasn't a shitty baseball player ... he rocked back then! Plus he was a nice guy and helpful in the class I had with him. Yes, my big brush with sort of fame other then my last name. Whoo hoo!

Chuck Knoblauch is gay. He is also a woman beater. Sorry Christine, but ask some of his former girlfriends, wives, and current wife how "nice" he is to women. He is abusive, both physically and verbally. He has "little man's" issues. It is documented, and there are many witnesses to his abuse.