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so play the violins

QOD in progress: music to cry to

so play the violins

Today is something special, right? It's...it's...oh yes! It's my friend Tim's birthday! Happy birthday, Tim. I will be listening to Smashing Pumpkins all day in your honor.

Of course you can't escape the fact that today is Valentine's Day because every television show and radio station and every co-worker with the ultra romantic boyfriend will not let you forget it. I mean, happiness to those who think today is a wonderful day and celebrate it accordingly. I hope you enjoy your day and that you are not let down when that teddy bear your s.o. bought you explodes.

I think Valentine's Day should be a day to express whatever feeling is in your heart. It doesn't have to be good. If Cupid's arrow shot and missed, that's not your fault, is it? And if Cupid's arrow got permanently stuck up your ass, you can't be blamed, right? So let your feelings out. Tell your ex or that girl you stalked that paid no attention to you or that guy who wouldn't leave his wife even though he promised what you really think. Send them a live, beating heart (one from an animal rather than a human is preferable). Send them anthrax. Wait outside their house until they come out to go to work and then spray them with mace. Purge those bad feelings from your heart! Or, if you don't feel like getting arrested, you can always send them one of these cards or one of these. Or umm... these.

On a related note, I am number ten on google for valentine blowjobs, number one for hating valentine and number 12 for star wars litigation. If I could combine my hatred of George Lucas in a post about valentine blowjobs, I could take over the world!

I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. Must be the medication. Or that dream I had last night where my ex was running after me with a cleaver. Or the fact that my head is so stuffed that I can't think straight. I do have a valentine and I made him a homemade card using construction paper and sharpies and condoms.

So I thought I would actually do something nice for Valentine's Day (even though I'm making my kids heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. They don't even like pancakes, but god damn it, they'll eat them anyhow) and send out V-Day love to some blogs I've been reading but have not thrown up in my side bar yet (which is getting revamped this weekend). So umm...be my valentine:

melanctha; leather egg; jockohomo; absolute weirdness; booboolina; blorg; the mighty geek; empty-handed; chris pirillo;eeksypeeksy and nutzo.

And RIP Waylon Jennings. His music will always remind me of my cousin Billy, back when Billy was a good guy who bought me beer and took me to concerts. Before he let his life fall into the cliche of a bad country song.

Oh, I've really been enjoying your answers to the recent QOD, even if they do make me cry. If you haven't answered yet, go!

So, is it safe to swig NyQuil at work all day? Think anyone will notice?


> So, is it safe to swig NyQuil at work all day?
> Think anyone will notice?

That depends on where you work and what you do. My brother used to clean and paint whatever you call those big garbage things on wheels. Skips? Dumpsters? I never saw him at work, but I suspect that swigging NyQuil might go unnoticed in a place like that. And they probably need something like that to get through the day.

I'm surprised some enterprising blogger didn't make up blog valentines with some of those stupid puns that always show up in those cheap-ass grade-school valentines ("I've got ``BLOGS'' of love for you, Valentine!", or "Come and ``BROWSE'' my love for you, Valentine!"). Maybe next year, huh.

I would be honored to be your Valentine, Michie. And I'd like to make an ``HTTP REQUEST'' that you be mine!

I see you already know how to LOG IN to my heart. Let's LINK up!

Someone stop me.

People will only notice about the NyQuil if you suddenly start snoring from your desk.

Christ who'd have thought that Al Quaida would recruit teddy bears?!

BLOG my valentine and COMMENT to my heart.

Michele rocks my tiny, little world.

My valentine this year is Bill Gates:

To my dearest Valentine, Bill;

Word. Yes, it's ME, you should remember, the man who made you moan about my Power Point. I wish I could have taken out the Front Page of the paper to declare my love for you, but access to that is hard to get. But for you, my love, you excel at making my heart beat faster, I can think of 95...98, nay, 2000 reasons why I adore you. You open the Windows to my heart, the Messenger of my soul, the safety .Net to my mind. Yes, I remember the night in your Office, when you showed me your Xbox, and read to me that Hotmail that you got. It was so Visual, so Basic... Oh, bill, you get me so excited i could almost XP in my pants.


Nope - yer a civil servant, remember?

Thank you soooo much chele :-D
feels special

It ruins a perfectly good birthday.

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