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Yelling with my mouth shut

New QOD in honor of the love/misery fest of February 14th.

yelling with my mouth shut

I was going to celebrate my one year blogaversary all month and then I realized I just didn't want to. Today is the actual day of the anniversary; the first day I sat down at the computer and starting pouring my heart and soul out to all of you. Ok, I had two readers at the time. Me and a friend who I forced to go to the page. And I wasn't really pouring out my heart and soul so much as making fun of Dick Cheney. Some things never change, eh?

I had these intentions of writing a long post about everything that has happened to me because of this blog in the past year. And I was going to pick a few posts as my "best of" for the past year. I was going to do so much until two things happened. 1) I woke up with a nasty cold and lost all ambition to think and 2) I realized - who the hell cares, anyhow?

I do want to say that I made so many good friends over the course of the past year. People I never would have met were it not for this little old weblog have become my nearest and dearest friends. It occurred to me just the other day how much this little community has meant to me when I received an invitation to Nancy's wedding in the mail, and when I seriously started thinking about overcoming my claustrophobia/fear of flying to get down to Florida to see a beautiful woman get married.

I started this weblog to have a space in which to put down my feelings and ramblings and general idiocy that no one else wanted to listen to. One year later, it has become a network - a lifeline of communication to people whom I have come to love and cherish as if they were family. I could not possibly list each person who has done something kind for me or offered their friendship. But you all know who you are because I have made sure to take the time over the year to tell you just what you mean to me.

Thank you to everyone that comes here. Thank you to anyone who read this thing a year ago when it was on Tripod and full of javascript errors but kept coming back anyhow. Thank you to anyone who has ever sent me an email or left a comment or linked to me. Thank you to everyone who took the time to give me heartfelt advice about my kids, who offered love and support during some very stressful times, who helped with the technical and design related things I couldn't do. Thank you to everyone who has made me laugh and made me cry and shared your lives with me. Thanks for reading, and thanks for coming and I hope I am in this very place one year from now saying the same things.

And thank you to Justin for understanding my obession with my little place here. Thank you for understanding my need to post every day, twice a day or more. Thank you for your encouragement and your ideas and your sense of humor. Thank you for not leaving me when it became obvious that the weblog had become "the other man" and thank you for being the loving, wonderful person you are, the kind of person who understands my need to do something for me. I love you.

It's been one hell of year. If it weren't for this weblog and the people who read it, I may have had a nervous breakdown by now. I hope I've done the same for some of you, that I've given back what you all have given me.

One year and many friendships later, thank you.



michele, let me be the first to wish you a happy blogaversary... i've been coming to your site now for about 4 months now... i laughed, i cried, ya, you know the rest...

anyway - congrats again and i look forward to your posts in the coming year.

I'll second that. The cup is definately half full when communicating with entities on the web provides real support and also an invisible support network - an ethereal buoyancy. Ya put good stuff in, ya get good stuff out. Congrats. on 1 year.

Happiness of the day to you!
Hell, I'll give you a whole month of happiness, because you so rock. I might even throw in a year of you're real good to me, wink wink.

Happy one year, Michele. I'm glad I met you.

Oh happy day. Thanks for sticking around this long and providing all your die hard fans with something new to think/laugh/cry/get pissed about every day. And thank you for being so quick to reach out and make friends with strangers (um, me in particular). :)

Have a wonderful day, Michele. And I hold up my glass of wine (ok, cup of coffee. Humor me here.) in a toast to you, the blog, and at least another year of bloggage.

smoo0ooch -- dunno why a smooch, just felt it was appropriate.

happy blogaversary!

I'll second the smooch and raise you a {{{hugs}}}. Congrats, girl. You inspire me everyday. Around 9am I hit your blog, usually my first one, knowing that you've been up and had something to say. A something that will make me think and wonder about the craziness that is the farked up world. In a bit of a selfish way, I hope you never leave here, but I know someday you will. I'm going to love every word, phrase, nuance, innuendo, and Dubya crack until then and beyond. :)

I don't know you well enough to get all smoochy since I'm just a casual reader and occasional commenter, but Happy Anniversary none the less. Thanks for providing a great daily read.

Michele has been blogging a year,
everything she can hate, hope or fear,
each day without exception,
no guile and no deception.
Let's giving her a rousing good cheer!

Uh... sorry, I'm still in limerick mode.

you rock, michele. have a great day. hope you get to feeling better.

i find it whimsical in some dreamy way that i happened to read your entry today for the first time. the idea that you have been doing this for a year leaves me amazed. i have been doing this blog thing for such a small time in comparison to you. and i have no idea whether i will have the patience to continue for as long as you. it seems my audience is only myself. but you are an inspiration, and i thank you for your sincerity in your own writing. happy blog-versary... and hopefully many more blog-days to come.

Happy blogiversary! If I could only count the number of times you've been quoted in this household... Congrats!

Yes, happy födelseblog (uh, I'm sure everyone is laughing out loud at my hilarious Swedish pun on the word "birthday" - födelsedag. Anyway, you get the picture). I'm a fairly short-time reader, too, but I love your funny, angry, white-hot red-hot energy, and that you must be about my age, and that you use this as a window into, well, maybe not your soul, but that tender little spot right next to your soul.

Haven't been here long, but have come to thoroughly enjoy reading your page Michele. Thanks for sharing with us and Happy Blog Anniversay. :)

Happy Blogaversary! I'd give you a big smoochie, but since you offered to share your antibloggie award with me I think I'll wait until we're alone. Of course, I'm not sure when that would be so can I smack your bottom and say, 'Good job!' instead?

smack "Good Job!"

be peace.

Happy anniv, Michele.

I can't really say anything that hasn't been said already, except that I'm really glad I discovered your blog and that I'm honored to have been one of the very few bloggers you've actually met in realtime (I believe I was the first) -- if I weren't moving to Los Angeles, I'd definitely try to sneak back to New York so we could meet up again.

Reading your blog, no matter what the subject material, is always pleasurable for me. It's given me many impetuses (impeti?) to blog about things myself. And chatting with you over AIM is also always fun. I appreciate the fact that you're in my life -- albeit digitally -- and I'm glad that we got to know each other.

You rock me! Feel better and congrats!


Well, thanks for the compliment, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I have to keep myself in check or my site would just quote you every day.

Your site is really wonderful and everyone I make read it becomes a regular. Congrats!!

I really should have been here earlier, saying thank you for all your kind words, but the head cold and the NyQuil (LOTS of NyQuil) have rendered me semi coherent.

You all inspire me in some way. You all rock my little world. I'm one lucky bitch.

I like Michele.


happy anniversary and thanks for all the addictive reading material! woo!

as usual, i'm late... but happy blogaversary! how long dya think it'll take for Hallmark to have a card for THAT?

Grats, Michelle!

If you don't mind, I'd also like to link to your site (I don't like adding links to blogs without permission -- I don't know why, it just feels weird somehow).

Your site is rather wonderful, and the QOD really takes the cake! Thanks!

Happy Blogaversary, Michele. :-)