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we'll sing and dance and we'll find romance

we'll sing and dance and we'll find romance

Mig is having a Valentine's Day Limerick contest. My entry:

I once was in bed in New York
with a man who had popped his cork
But he popped it too early
Which in turn made me surly
And I killed him off with a spork.

Like you could do any better? You have until the 14th to prove it.


damn that was good. i think i know that man.

Try this on for... er, um, size:

While favoring a lass with my tongue
Back before I was no longer young
I so flittered and fluttered
that she came and then uttered
"I don't care that you're not at all hung!"

I once loved a girl with no head,
and asked her to meet me in bed.
She wouldn't put out.
I started to shout.
And then I noticed she's dead.

I offered my heart to Celeste,
who rejected my offer to nest.
She aske me why
I started to cry.
I said, "I can't get it back in my chest!"

Less carnally...

Of Valentine's Day, rants Michele,
a corporate-induced brand of hell.
A card and a flower
get only her glower
though an act of real love rings her bell.

John, you fully redeemed yourself with the second one. We won't talk about the first. And James, those are my kind of valentines.

I'm sure I've met that man too! Miss b & I are runnin' with the same crowd.

Hey, guess what? The elves are coming tonight. wink Gonna hook you right up.

man this type of story makes me so sad. I see it's time to officially reinstate my lick it before you stick it campaign.

The magic elf has come through ... everything should display just fine in IE6 now. Let me know if you need anything tweaked on the main page, I don't have IE6 to double check it! Satan's browser can not be installed on the laptop of all that is good in the world!

Thank you, Christine..I mean..ELF! It looks wonderful. smooch

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