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a bouncing little baby

a bouncing little baby

Congratulations to Melly! Mattie (aka the Bean) was born on February 9th at 6:24 p.m.

Melly, I can only say this to you:

When people say to you "it goes so fast" they really mean it. It's not just a cliche. One day you will be looking at Mattie in his crib, sleeping so peacefully and suddenly he is walking and talking and before you know it you're helping him with homework and signing him up for baseball.

I'm just saying, treasure every moment. As sappy and obvious as that sounds, I still want to say it. I know you will be a great mother, Melly. You are confident and wise beyond your years. You will be a magical, funny, self assured mom and that makes Mattie a very lucky boy.


Congratulations Melly and Hello Mattie.

It's funny that all ultrasound picture babies are nicknamed Bean. We call my future nephew LB, or little bean. My 36 year old cousin has never shaken her Bean nickname.

...and then, once they can walk, talk, dress, and manage themselves, you think, "Damn, it's good that I don't have to do that shit anymore."

I even love wiping his eye boogers.

Which I will do for him at his wedding. His liking it has no relevance to me.