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Sell the rights to your blight

Sell the rights to your blight

We just saw I am Sam.

I sobbed uncontrollably for half an hour afterwards. It's not that the movie was sappy or even a tear-jerker. It just hit me in spots that were already sore. It hit me like violent punches that rip open old cuts and bruises.

It takes a special kind of movie to effect you in that way. Or it just takes a special kind of guilt to let a movie effect you that way.

God damn, I can be melodramatic. I think the lack of nicotine is starting to do something to my oxygen levels, causing me to have moments of sheer delusion, where I break down like a bad actress on a foreign language soap opera.

Cigarette, anyone?

No? How about some virtual road rage?


When Todd read what you wrote in my blog, he quipped, "Yep, you did cry like a little baby!" ;-) I was so excited to hear the the little girl got a SAG nod. Hope she and Sean Penn get Oscar nods, too!

Great site... Can't wait to see I Am Sam myself. I've been quite emotional lately, I might have to rent it....

Wait, are you sure this movie isn't sappy? It sounds dangerously close to being, um, inspiring and uplifting. I am allergic to inspiring and uplifting, I break out in a nasty skin rash.

Then again, Sean Penn can do no wrong, just about every role he touches turns to gold.

Ok, I admit it. It is inspiring and uplifting. And I too suffer from an allergy to movies like that. Hence the crying jag afterwards.

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