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You're my flavor of the week

You're my flavor of the week

I am addicted to TechTV. Over 100 channels and this is all I watch. It's not just me, either. Justin is just as addicted. We sit all day, all night slack jawed and staring at the tv, jumping up occasionally to try out a new tip or check out a website they're raving about.

My addiction borders on obsession, though. I am obsessed with Megan. It's not like I want her. I just want to be her. Hell, sometimes I think I am her. Yesterday, we had on the same outfit! Black shirt, black skirt, black tight, black shoes. I don't know what it is about her, I am in awe of Megan. I think we are a lot alike. Ok, so maybe she wouldn't spit on someone or stab a co-worker with a spork, but I bet she would kick your ass if she had too.

It's not just Megan, though. It's the Screensavers, too. I like Leo and Martin. They're like family. I spend more time with them than I do with my kids. Leo even has a blog.

We watch Extended Play, too. But between you and me, that Kate gets on my nerves. She's like that friend you had in high school. You liked her and all, but you just had to hang out with her in small doses. And Adam, well I had a dream about him once. He was floating inside of a balloon and everyone was yelling Look! There's Keifer Sutherland! And of course we watch Call for Help and we love Chris Pirillo and I'm not just saying that because he has a popular blog and someone I like is friendly with him. We really do love him. Like family. Oh god, we are so pathetic. We are just pathetic geeks.

Anyhow, this was about Megan. No, no it wasn't. I swear, I'm not gonna stalk her. Besides, I would have to fight Todd for her. Gotta go, the repeat of last night Screensavers is coming on.

QOD wants you.


Megan does indeed rock out. Chris Pirillo is funny but that voice! I have a hard time listening to TWMs.

I loooooove TechTV! I just told Tivo which shows to catch for me, because I just couldn't take it anymore. I must watch more TechTV. Must. All of it. Hey, guess what I'm watching right now while I type this? Yep! TechTV! I'm addicted.

Look, we're obviously going to have to work out some visitation rights. I'll take Megan during the week and you can have her on weekends. TechTV owns my ass. Unless some other amazing show is on, the TV is tuned to 354 DirecTV all day long, even as background noise. In fact, like Christine, I have it on right now.

It's hurting my toy budget though... :)

whine Why don't we get programming like that.
stomps off to go pout in a corner

That is SO wild, because i work at time warner cable and i talk to the marketing directors and programmers at techtv all the time. COOL bunch of peeps...

Wait -- what about Patrick? You mentioned Megan and Leo and Kate, but what about Patrick?

I'm glad you want Megan, 'cuz Martin is mine. All mine. Not sharin'...nope, no siree... Christine has yet to see the light and be smitten by him, which just leaves more for me! ;-)

I have a major crush on Sumi Das from Fresh Gear. Good looking and a gadget geek. My kind of woman!

Yes, I know she is probably just reading the cue cards and in real life can't operate a PC. Let me have my fantasy though.. ;)

So I'm not the only one who thinks Martin is adorable...and I think you're right about Sumi, Chris, but at least she sounds like she knows what she's talking about.

She sounds almost TOO professional though. The biggest appeal of TechTV is that everyone [except Sumi] seems like “the IT person next door.” They screw up their lines regularly, laugh and keep plugging on. That is easily the most appealing thing about the channel. tech stuff could be really dull if the speakers were all polished.

I might like tech tv if I didn't have to deal with all the incredibly incorrect and stupid stuff that Leo Laporte and Chris Pirello tell people to do.
Unfortunately I do have to deal with that crap so I wish "Call for Help" a long miserable death.

I'll admit, I will watch "silicon spin", and "Fresh Gear"

I've turned my son into a TechTV addict. To top it all off, he got really excited today when I told him that Chris Pirillo has a website & I've exchanged e-mails with him. He is a mini-me more & more every day!

Yes... I tend to drool over Patrick Norton (esp. in his Utilikilt), not that I'm obsessed or anything. And Martin's not a bad egg himself.

But someone needs to tether Chris Pirillo to something before he hurts himself. Or at least cut off all sugar and caffiene intake at noon.