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life to you is a dashing bold adventure

life to you is a dashing bold adventure

You know what I hate? When you're listening to a talk show on the radio, and there's a call in session, and Vinny from Ozone is on the line and he says "Long time listener, first time caller!" And they whoop and holler in the background as if this is some great accomplishment.

Because you know what Vin is really saying? He's saying "I sit here every day listening to your show and I am so pathetic and so lame that I have never worked up enough nerve to call you before, cause you are like...my heros, and my palms are sweaty and my mouth is dry and yes, I worship radio sports talk guys." And then the talk show guys ask Vin what's going on and Vinny from Ozone, long time listener first time caller, says "Mets RULE! Yankees SUCK!"

I hate that.

And then there's the other hatred, the kind where you send this card to your ex husband for valentine's day. Which is almost as sentimentally keen as the heart that space made for me.

Back to sorting and collating and stapling. Thanks for stopping by. QOD remains until Saturday.


Don't forget about the perennial "I'll just hang up and listen to your answer" guys. Translated: "I'm too much of a pussy to take it live if you disagree with me, so I'm going to go hide in my mom's basement."