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My head is like lettuce

My head is like lettuce

So, how do you take all the parts of you and make them into a whole? How do you take the worker and the friend and the lover and self and reconcile them with each other? I'm wondering if it is possible to take every part of your life and have each part co-exist happily within the others. And I'm wondering if it's even necessary. Perhaps I am attempting too much by trying to cram every person that I am into one neat little package. I like having the little pieces of me floating here and there sometimes, calling on different aspects of the self when necessary, but sometimes think I might like it if I could be all things at all times and never have to take off my girlfriend hat or video game player hat. But I suppose that conversely it would rather suck to have to keep the worker and parent hat on all the time.

Just thinking out loud.


if you ever figure out how, let me know.

I have but one hat: the dead-sexy-son-of-a-bitch hat.

no self but many - yoda & the post-modernists.

Personally, I like the insanity in my life.

Hmm. Know what you mean. But if your life is gradually changing, it's really hard to keep it all together and just one integrated "me". Far more fun to be unexpected sometimes, and scare the hell out of your co-workers/relatives/friends. Honestly!

I like being many different people all at once. I never bother cramming them into one package. They wouldn't all fit.

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