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what are you going on about now?

what are you going on about now?

Watch as I self combust.

Oh, this has nothing to do with smoking, though I suspect a cigarette would go a long way towards calming me down.

This has to do with people who expect to have things handed to them without ever having to work for them.

This is about me eagerly volunteering to do something nice for my son's school.

This is about me being misled as to how much time and work this would take.

This is about me asking 559 people for help and getting a response from 10.

This is about those 10 people bailing out on me a week before the program launches.

This is about me banging my head against the wall in defeat.

This is about me being distressed and angered and stressed out to the point of tears.

This is about people who want to blame and complain but will not help to fix things.

This is all you're going to get out of me for the rest of the day.

If you're looking for me, I'll be the one in the straight jacket, talking to the walls.

But not smoking.


Ya wants we should takes 'em out for ya, Mickey-baby?


I'd help, but... you know. North Dakota. We don't have books here.

This happened to me. I did an entire project in a jazz class ... everyone got A's ... But I got a D. What crap!

I feel your pain. I'm President of VHEA. It's an all volunteer organization. I'm putting in 20 hours a week at it. A lot of that time is spent dealing with complaints and arguments.

Someone take this girl out on the town or just kidnap her and take her to St. Thomas. I'd do it, but I can't reach.

I think Alanis had a similiar problem once...or maybe she just had a million forks when she only wanted a spoon.

Aw :(
Hey! I have an idea. You just gave up smoking cigarettes, right?

Calm down...things will work out. :) Wish I could help!!!

Oh, for the days when it was so easy to smoke something besides cigarettes. Pot is not an easy thing to come by any more. It's not like, at almost 40 years old, I can walk up to the high school start asking people if they have anything to sell. I sort of miss the good old days when I was the one holding the bag.

Chris, I realized (perhaps too late) that it is going to be like this in any organization you belong to. There will be the people who do the work, and the people who complain there's not enough work is being done, but won't get off their asses to help.

I am calmed down and feeling less anxious today. I promise not to kill anyone.

nat's almost at high school age - get her to score!

i will resume my existence in my hovel and shut up...now.

I wonder how careful they are checking the post nowdays? LOL

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