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deficit deja vu

deficit deja vu

I wasn't going to do a QOD 3 days in a row, but I did. Go play.

Defense and deficit spending. A 2.13 trillion dollar budget, with only 50 billion of that going to education. You think 50 billion is a lot, that I shouldn't be complaining? Well 50 billion out of 2 trillion isn't a whole hell of a lot, especially for a president who gives so much lip service about the importance of improving the American education system.

Want to know why all the president's men (Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, etc.) keep flapping their gums about imminent terrorist threats and the incredible danger to our homeland and the war that will drag on forever if necessary? Want to know why Bush's State of the Union address was filled with exaggerations? It's all about PR and marketing. It's all about getting you scared and frightened and angry enough to not care that the budget calls for 80 billion dollars in deficit spending because we have to spend over 400 billion on defense and homeland security.

Yes, we may still be at war. But I think it's important that they see past the war, into the future, where the students of America are still floundering in a crappy education system. But hey, the terrorists didn't win, right? In these times, that seems to be the bottom line to everything. Things do exist outside of this war. There are other areas in which Americans need help. There are other issues to be talked about. It's as if this administration is looking at the world through war-colored glasses.

Anyhow. Interesting note. While many people are wondering if the Phillipines will be the next target in the war on terrorism, that very country has talked to Rudy Giuliani about becoming a peace adviser for them. Just something to think about.

This week marks crunch time for the reading program I organized for DJ's school. I have to have the 10 page packets copied, collated and ready to go by Friday morning. So basically I've had two months of planning and organizing and pulling my hair out, and the fun doesn't even really begin until February 25, when the program actually gets underway. So please, the next time you hear me say I am volunteering for something, or thinking about volunteering for something, you have permission to come on over here and slap me upside the head.


it drove me nuts that the Bush administration message at first was: go shopping. Rather than: go educate yourselves. I'm constantly dissapointed that aquisition of knowledge is not mentioned as a priority in any Bush addresses. Thus I don't believe it when he pretends to be concerned about educating the American adults of the future (his lack of vision for the future is also apparent by his lack of emphasis on R&D, and his willingness to send people $300). I think our visionary needs glasses (more versatile than the war colored ones).

war budgets not about war or terrorism - it's about bush giving some cash back to the guys who bought him that white house on the hill and then paid off the supreme crt...

in a way, it's not even really his fault..that's what's so sad...

who wold've thought 3 years ago that a guy with a loose dick and a red face would seem like george washington compared to dubya?

who wold've thought 3 years ago that a guy with a loose dick and a red face would seem like george washington compared to dubya?

IMO, probably those who didn't vote for him?