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Patriots 20, Rams 17, Terrorists 0!

Patriots 20, Rams 17, Terrorists 0!

time for question #2 on QOD

Congrats to the Patriots and there fans. I've long hated the Pats, but the hate just isn't deep enough to be upset that they won. It was a good game, exciting ending. Basically, I didn't fall asleep and that's saying something.

The commercials weren't exactly thrilling, but then again I was facing the computer most of the time and didn't see all of them. What I did see, however, was enough to set me off for the rest of the night. No, I'm not talking about Britney's scary morphing job for Pepsi.

Did you catch the ads that said "if you do drugs, the terrorists win?" Not that I am a proponent of kids doing drugs, but that ad pissed me off enough to make me clench my teeth. First of all, I am really tired of every political leader, corporate head, marketing executive and anyone else using the war on terrorism and the events of September 11 to push home a point. Do this, behave like this, buy this, wear this, read this because if you don't the terrrorists win.

Remember the war on drugs? We lost that war. I didn't think it was even a battle anymore, or that anyone cared. Our government, at large and local, was completely unable to get drugs off of our streets and out of our schools. So now they are putting the onus on you, dear drug user. Yes, even the casual tenth grade pot smoker. If you buy drugs, you have just bought Iran a bomb. If you buy drugs, you have just planted a mine. If you buy drugs, it is your fault that the World Trade Center blew up. Bullshit. While a lot of drugs to come into this country from other, less civil countries, it is sold to Americans by Americans. Nevermind that your purchase of a hit of ecstacy may help plant a car bomb in a third world country, nevermind that crap at all. Shouldn't we still be trying to educate our youth about drugs rather than guilting them into not using? Is it me or did those ads use the events of September 11th as to make people feel bad? Were they not opportunistic and in bad taste?

And I really have to say this. I am really, really sick of every major sporting event or entertainment event being turned into a drama. Why oh why does every single game or movie premiere or concert have to be turned into a tribute to America and/or the events of September? I am not saying forget about these things. I'm just saying, can we go on and be entertained without constantly being bombarded by images of death and destruction? Can we have one moment where we are not being told to hold our hands over our hearts or have a moment of silence? I'm not asking you to forget. I will never forget. I suffered personal losses that day. I just want to have some moments - a football game being one of them - when I am not being forced to join in the groundswell of flag-waving, slogan shouting patriots. Not every event calls for it. Isn't the halftime show about entertainment? Did we really need the names of the victims scrolling behind Bono's head? Must every single fucking moment of our lives be somber from now on? Oh wait, I know. If we actually have some moment of levity or joy or fun without taking into account our beautiful, free country then the terrorists have won. Right?

Yes, I'm done. Carry on with your Monday. But not before you answer the QOD


Good point. I agree, maybe a tribute once a year would be more appropriate. Too much of anything can be unhealthy.

we were saying the same thing -- we even turned off the pre-game stuff because it was all one big tribute. you're right -- one moment of silence would have been enough.

Wrote the same thing last night -- I think the scrolling names at the SuperBowl was actually totally inappropriate. >:/

Did that game rock or what? I'm happy the Patriots won (since the Rams beat the Packers). :)

anyone tell me what bono was doing there?

Are you freakin' kidding me? Don't do drugs, or else the terrorists have won?? Did they, I dunno, explain that shit?

Excuse me, but I have to go eat breakfast now. And by the way, if I don't chew each bite twenty-five times, and remember to brush and floss twice daily, then the terrorists... grrrr.

I am so moving to Canada. Don't think I won't.

One good ad
Did you catch the Visa check card add featuring kevin bacon. Well, considering when I was on my old team at work Led used to constantly stump us playing 7 degrees to kevin bacon. Seeing that brought up in an add cracked me up.

fuckin a man.
i just wanted to watch a damn football game. all that hooplah is REALLY starting to get to me.

i agree with you on the drug ads. what a bunch of shit...

My theory is that if they don't keep beating us over the head with Sept. 11, and issuing new and pointless "terrorist warnings," then they lessen their chances of getting any and all legislation shoved through that will shred the Bill of Rights. Got to keep those flags wavin', boys!

We were trying to figure out last night when U2 went from cool political band to corporate sellout. Robyn says it must have been around Zooropa.

OK, one more question: Do any of these myriad tributes ever mention the people at the Pentagon or on that plane that went down in Pennsylvania? Are we just supposed to automatically include them whenever there's a mention of the New York victims?

I wrote about that antidrug commercial last night. I just about puked after seeing.

"I blew up a building."
"I killed a judge."

Nuh unh, honey... you just bought an eighth of weed.

It does my poor heart good to see so many people agreeing with me.

You should have comments on your blog, James. Then I would have already told you that you rock.

I said the exact same thing about the scrolling names. ("Man, if you lost family or friends in the September 11th attacks, do you really want to be reminded of it during the damn Superbowl?") Glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought that.

I was watching a thing on Internet gambling last night (I play online poker at Paradise Poker all the time) and how they are going to try and stop Internet gambling in the States because "it's really just a front for money laundering terrorists." Give me a fucking break.

Thanks, darling -- I appreciate the feedback. I wish I knew how to install comments, but as I'm an English major, and haven't touched compsci since high school, well... that leaves me shit out of luck.