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like old 70's folk singers for chocolate

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like old 70's folk singers for chocolate

We just watched Chocolat. What a wonderful movie. I love the whole theme of acceptance, and the underlying themes of religion and self-denial and exclusion. It was a morality play, but one that made me want to drive to 7-11 and buy 25 chocolate bars. But I resisted. I settled for the frozen mini peanut butter cups I found behind the 3 year old container of frozen meatballs.

I know what you're saying. Why would anyone have a 3 year old container of frozen meatballs in the freezer? Well, because my grandma made them for dinner one night and gave me the leftovers for the kids. I put them in the freezer to save and then the next day grandma went to the hospital and a month later she died. So tell me, would you throw those meatballs outs?

So I'm interested in the text of this letter that Cat Stevens (remember him?) wrote to the terrorists who are holding reporter Daniel Pearl hostage.

As a message to those who are holding the journalist Daniel Pearl, I ask that the Mercy of Islam be shown. If justice is your goal, then the cause of justice will not be served by killing an innocent man who has nothing but a pen in his hand. It says in the Glorious Qur'an... "And no soul can bear the burden of any other."

Hey, Mr Stevens? I think all those hallucinogens you took back in the 70's really did a number on you. If your buddies really thought that justice wouldn't be served by killing an innoncent man, then the World Trade Center would still be standing, no? And I think their souls are already bearing the burden of several thousand people, so I hardly think that Mr. Pearl's soul is going to weigh very heavily on their minds.

It's just interesting how people from the same religion can interpret things so differently. And interesting why Cat Stevens would think that terrorists would really give a crap about a letter from him. Muhammed Ali asked nicely last week. I don't think they sent a reply yet.


At least he's not saying, "Yeah, you're right; kill him," as he did with Salman Rushdie.