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and then there will be wild monkey sex

and then there will be wild monkey sex

Don't look for me here tonight. We are turning off the computer, the tv, the DVD player, everything but the stereo. We are going to make dinner together and eat and talk and drink wine and listen to music and play silly board games. No children, no phone, just us.

Nothing to see here. Move along.


good for you, miss m. have a great night.

. . . but, wait. does this mean we don't get to watch?



Wow, you must have given those little shoemaker elves a helluva tip for them to arrange this for you!
Have a great evening, babe.

Party on -- and in the morning, make yourself laugh with this sheer ridiculousness:

Just take my advice and don't do anything that puts you too close to the ceiling fan. Thwop! That stings.

the ceiling fan's the best part...all else is foreplay

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