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don't make me hURL a stone at you

don't make me hURL a stone at you

Could everyone who hasn't already done so please update their links to reflect this URL? I moved my stats tracker over here and you all are severely messing with my numbers by linking to the former page.

Not that I care about that stuff. Nope, not at all.


Nyaah, nyaah, already done.
Tracker slut! ;P

damn, he called you a tracker slut (hehe)... actually, i think i changed my link way back on the first day for ya michele... congrats on the move to MT and on the whole "quitting smoking" thing...

thine wanna be gay will be done

Oopsie. Yes'm, ma'am.

Frank, Bill's a girl, she's allowed to call Chele a tracker slut. Change made ol' buddy. Now how about some graphics to spruce the place up?

Well what about the flaming bush you made me? I mean burning bush...heart burn with dick cheney...whatever.

Oh...if i was one to believe in astrological signs being a portent of what your future holds, I would be very very afraid for my son. He shares a birthday with non other than satan's minion himself, Dick Cheney.


(hmm..this sounded a lot better in my head)

i did it. i did it right away, long ago, the day you moved in fact. ...but, miss m? can you please make my link "bazima" or "bazima chronicles" instead of "slanted"? i don't have that as part of my title anymore. i wanted to be at the top of alphabetical lists. you know how it is. thanks, babe.

anything for you, miss b. I will fix it as soon as I get home.

link updated. even though my site has been unceremoniously relegated to the 2nd tier, "more weblogs" pop-up window. :/

that's ok, though - we in the 2nd tier are plotting...........

Okay, okay. It's just been one of those weeks.

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